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Interview : Aditi Rao Hydari – ‘’I wanted to do Bhoomi as it was a topical film.”

Aditi Rao Hydari is one of the few actresses today in film industry who always chooses the types of roles she wants to do and is very clear about what she will and won’t do right from the start. She started her career in 2007 with a South Indian film. Then she made her Bollywood Debut in Sudhir Mishra’s romantic thriller ‘’Ye Saali Zindagi’’ in 2009 and after that she has appeared and acted in many successful Bollywood films and has never looked back.

Tell us everything about ‘’Bhoomi’’!
Basically the character of ‘’Bhoomi’’ that I play is a sunshine girl. She is a very naughty, chirpy, happy nature type of small town and simple girl. She grows up in a house with a single parent and is the only child of her Baba (father). The bond between her father and her is a very special bond that you’ll see in the film which is very common thing for every girl in real lifewith their fathers. Then an unfortunate incident takes place where their worst fears come true and the film is about how they both deal with those fears.

16-Aditi-Rao-HydariWhy you were so inclined to do this film?
I wanted to do this film since it was a topical film. It’s a universal story that’s true for everyone in real life about how a father and daughter living in a small town have a simple life but also have real and big fears and how they both overcome that. That is why I was very much inclined into doing this film.

What is your take on fact that today besides girls even boys aren’t safe in our society?
I think that yes recently even the boys besides girls are also not safe in our society. Anyone who doesn’t have the power is perceived and seen as powerless and unsafe in our society. Like for instance girls, boys, small kids (boys and girls), little children, mentally or physically disabled children who don’t have power have always been perceived as powerless. So crimes committed by people are against girls, boys, and small children as they are perceived as powerless but in reality they are not as we need to empower and educate them.

You come from a royal background, so have you ever experienced gender inequality in your house?
Actually in my family there has not been any type of gender inequality done with me. Both male and female are given equal importance in my family. But this is only because since my great grandfather’s time the main emphasis has always been on education. But I am lucky to have imbibed and learned many things from my grandfather and grandmother as thought of gender never entered my mind till I started working and earning, paying my taxes, living in Mumbai on my own then I actually saw that gender inequality actually exists in our society even today.

Has there been any instance during any film project where director asks for suggestions and if a female actress gives it it’s said as interfering but when a male actor gives it its given importance?
Actually to be very frank and honest, since I’ve worked very slowly like taking one step at a time in this industry good people have worked with me where those people have brought me for my talent as an actor and the kind of work I do in films so I have never faced this problem in my life.

Tell us something about your upcoming film ‘’Padmavati’’ …
Actually I can’t tell you anything about ‘’Padmavati’’ right now. I seriously wish I could but am sorry as I can’t tell you. You know what the thing is that even when I was working for Mani Ratnam Sir’s film, I did not talk about the film at all as I believe they are such great directors wanting to create very beautiful and passionate film. I think that these directors should be left on their own so that they make their films with full concentration and I feel very blessed to be part of such great films as directors had just picked me out of nowhere.


Apart from ‘’Bhoomi’’ where you play title role, is there any other genre that you would like to do?
Yes definitely this film is where I play the title role of ‘’Bhoomi’’, but it’s a father – daughter story. Really I don’t think much about genres but what actually is my driving force is director who is captain of the ship and gets entire team together. For a good director script, story and characters are the hero not the person playing it and I like to work in that way only. So, if a great director comes to me and tells me that I want you to be part of my film then definitely I’ll have to like the script for that and just say yes in a minute.

Are you doing any films down in South?
Yes definitely I am doing couple of films down in South and there are plans but once again I am sorry as I really can’t reveal anything about it right now. Once everything gets finalized, that time you will come to know.

Have you worked on your accent for ‘’Bhoomi’’?
To be very honest and frank, we have not worked on my accent for Bhoomi. As she is a small town girl of Agra and this is 2017 so we all are exposed to a sort of particular type of Hindi that we speak, so in Agra also we had seen that people don’t speak the typical or heartland type of Hindi as they speak normal Hindi just like we speak.

Have you used any make up for your character in film?
Frankly, no I have not used make up at all for my character in the film. It’s a without make up look and that was what the character of Bhoomi demanded in film. I have not even used mascara on my eyes in the film.

As a royal princess do you act like a ‘’normal civilian’’ or be conscious?
No not at all. Actually my family is very cool and chilled out. Infact my Nana was very particular in my childhood about way we all kids acted and behaved. But grandchildren got away with it like I used to roam around in my house in shorts. My family has very forward modern day thinking and are very broad minded and liberal as well. Both sides of my family have done a lot of work for society and people.

Was there anything particular that you learned from Sanjay Dutt while shooting film with him?
Oh God! Sanjay Dutt is so honest. He is a very amazing person and one of most soft hearted person I’ve ever met in my life and is very fun loving too. If there is any difficult circumstance or problem he deals with it lightheartedly. Whenever he talks about his difficult times, he tells it to you like it was a story very effortlessly. You keep on wondering that how can a person be so sweet and down to earth and somewhere in Bhoomi also he’s that type of a father who stands by his daughter and is very fiercely loyal.

‘’Bhoomi’’ will be releasing next week on 22nd September 2017.

Watch the trailer!

– Vrinda Mundara


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