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Interview: Ajay Devgn – ‘’Golmaal 4 is a Horror comedy genre film that has not been tapped that much in Indian Films’’.

Ajay Devgn today is one of the finest actors in bollywood today. As an actor he has always experimented with his characters and roles by performing them in different genres and he has been very critically praised and acclaimed for the same. He has been successful in creating a permanent niche for himself as one of most successful actors in this super competitive bollywood film industry. Currently he’s gearing up for the release of his film Golmaal 4 on 19th October 2017.

Golmaal 4 is a horror comedy with a different take this time so what are your thoughts about this?

Yes it’s a genre that’s not tapped that much in India. Horror comedy which is not that scary but is very funny as well but as always the film has almost all same characters except for a few new additions to the film as when you decide to make a sequel you only do it when the first film and its characters are successful enough for the standard of a sequel so in this film almost all characters are same with no change so how do you take it forward so here we took it forward with a storyline of horror with lots of comedy in it.

Has it ever happened that Rohit Shetty came to you with several scripts in past 7 years and you were like no we can do much better than this?

No actually Rohit came to me with this idea nearly 4 years back and I really liked this idea very much so I had said to him that we should work on this idea as it’s just fantastic. Then he took 3 and half years to work on it and that’s how Golmaal 4 happened.

Was there a pressure on you and Rohit that Golmaal 4 has to live up to the expectations and benchmarks set by previous series of the successful franchise?

Yes there was a pressure on both of us about Golmaal 4 living up to the expectations and benchmarks set by previous series of the successful franchise and this pressure is very good and may be that’s why we took so many years to write the script of the film. Shooting of film happened in a single stretch for entire period of 6 months but writing took 3 and half to four years.

How long has your association been with Rohit Shetty?

Actually I’ve known Rohit since the time he was my production assistant long before Golmaal franchise actually happened so it’s a very difficult question for me to answer. For me I’ve really seen him grow in his life and entire career with different highs and lows so I don’t really know how to answer this question as obviously you mature with time and gain more experience and Rohit has been through all of this.

How was it working with Tabu and Parineeti who were new entry in this Golmaal series?

Oh it was a lot of fun as we gelled up well with each other and had a blast and gala time while shooting the film as well. I’ve known Tabu since very long so we share a great rapport with each other. Parineeti is someone who’s very sweet and as soon as she came she got very friendly with everybody in the film.

Have you tried to explore the horror comedy genre with Golmaal 4 this time around?

Actually to be frank the horror comedy genre has not been attempted by film makers that much in India like there was Bhool Bhulaiya which had worked in that genre and after this film the genre was not explored by anyone in India so yes with Golmaal 4 we have tried our hands in exploring the horror comedy genre.

Was there an aversion of any sorts to explore this genre in Golmaal 4?

No not at all as I’ve seen a south film called Kanchana which was a horror comedy movie where there was horror but with lots of comedy as well so that film was not much scary and it was a very amazing, interesting and intriguing film.

Are all the characters in the film same from previous Golmaal series as well?

Yes all the 5 boys and rest of the actors in the film have their same names, nature and characteristics as well which has been there that way since past few Golmaal films apart from new additions of Tabu and Parineeti in the film.

Is storyline of the film very interesting and eye catchy?

Yes it is very different, new, completely out of the box as well as storyline cannot be the same since it changes with every new film and audiences too want it that way as 2 films can’t be similar except for characters and their characteristics being the same.

The tagline of film ‘’Is Diwali no logic only Magic’’ what is thought behind that?

That’s not because we’re telling audiences anything that is because the story of the film is such and that tagline gelled up perfectly with the mood, setting and storyline of the film. So when we talk about horror genre there are ghosts where there’s no logic but only magic.

Ajay sir what do you’ve to say about the disparity that’s widening between single screens and multiplexes?

Actually I’ll tell you what that the disparity has been shortening between single screens and multiplexes as I’ve always noticed now that if a film has a house full or hit first week in singleplexes then it’ll be a hit in multiplexes as well.

By Vrinda Mundara.

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