Akshay Kumar is without any doubt one of the most bankable star in bollywood currently. After tremendous success of Kesari, Mission Mangal and Housefull 4 he is ready to end this year with the bang. He has delivered 3 consecutive hit films in 2019 so far and we are sure he will make it 4 in a row. Good Newwz starring Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor, Kiara Advani and Diljit Dosanjh is all set to light up the screen this Christmas. Film releases on 27th December 2019 but before that Akshay Kumar had an interaction with the media to talk about his film.

As we all know Good Newwz is based on a sensitive subject but it is presented in Comedy way so how careful did they handle it? Akshay replied, “We were careful. Like we were at the time of Toilet Ek Prem Katha, that was also a sensitive subject. But we have taken very good care of it. At the same nobody can say that this can’t happen because this has actually happened not only onec but 2-3 times with different people. But it is a very important subject to tell people specially for families who cannot have child. Almost 8 million babies in world have came through IVF and made their lives happy.”

Akshay Kumar is one of those actor who works with fresh directors and many people have said it. Akshay revealed the reason saying, “I work with new directors because big directors don’t take me (in their films). That is the truth. When big people don’t take you in their films, you have to start your own journey. If you don’t get a job in a big publication, you will go through a smaller one. From there you jump up and up. You cannot be just sitting at home waiting and wonder why people don’t take me despite me being so capable. Raj (Mehta, Good Newwz director) is my 21st new director. I also feel their greed to do good work is far more than many old directors. For them, it is a do or die situation, because (they think) if the film doesn’t work, then they are finished.”

A journalist asked that whether it was because of Khans? Akshay replied, “They (big directors) went to the people who deserved. You see, it’s not that only the Khans were around. There were the Kapoors and the others. I presume I didn’t deserve it, so I got it my other way.”

But as we all know Big Directors have worked with Khans more Akshay too agreed and quoted, “I still don’t have big directors (directing me). They are producing films with me, but they are not directing. Mr Karan Johar is there, you should ask him. You should ask Adi Chopra.”

Then How much is your input in the film because new director might need some experience tips from you? Akshay answered, “My input is nothing. I am not any kind of guiding force. I have not opened a school. They come, they do their own work. They do a good job, that’s why they are with me. Actually, more than anything else I trust the script and the screenplay. With that 60% of your job is done. The rest is upto the director how he handles it.”

Akshay Kumar has kept himself versatile with the choice of films and genres, and he did it because he had some valid reasons. He opened up, “If I say I feel comfortable in one genre, you will put a tag on me. I don’t want any kind of tag. I’ve come out of that game of tags when I used to do only action, I was bored. I never wanted the tag of an action hero. Even now I don’t want any tags. I’m very comfortable playing all kinds of genres. If anything new comes in, if it’s risky and fun, then I’d just go for it.”

Comedy is very difficult genre but it was never taken seriously by Critics and Award shows. Akshay too feel bad for it and said, “I am happy that I get to visit different branches of comedy. ‘Housefull’ was a slapstick comedy, no matter what people say, that it’s senseless, but there is an audience for that also. Slapstick comedy is the most difficult kind of comedy. To make people laugh at your own expense is one the hardest kind of comedies. Unfortunately, people here don’t give credit to this kind of comedy, even in awards night.”

Next year Akshay Kumar has 4 films lined up and 3 of them will be coming on festivals against Big Films. Most of the people are curious to know about his views on Radhe vs Laxmmi Bomb Box Office Clash, and he didn’t disappoint. He cleared, “I came first, but then there is nothing wrong. It is Eid and two films can arrive together, why not?”

Apart from his next 5 films he is also producing a film called Durgavavti starring Bhumi Pednekar. Akshay Kumar told why did he choose to produce the film and hiw Bhumi Pednekar came on board- “I really liked this script, it is a scary thriller which we have never seen before. I thought Bhumi would be the good choice. When I asked her she agreed to do it immediately and then we signed her.”

By :- Sameer Ahire.

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