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Interview: Arjun Kapoor: I appear to be an arrogant person but its actually me trying to adjust with the changing environment!!!

Vipul Shah’s Namaste England is on the verge of hitting the screens, and the trailer is getting several positive response from the viewers. Recently we had an interaction with Arjun Kapoor related to the film and his filmy jourmey.

In an interview with Cinespeaks, Arjun says…

Q. What changes do you notice in Parineeti right from Ishqzaade to Namaste England?
As a person, she was never greedy about work then as well as now. While Ishqzaade she was happy and lively about the fact that she got her debut. After Ishqzaade also she was happy as she got the second film. Now she enjoys her role no doubt, but she don’t take her success for granted. We both are amongst those few actors from last a decade who are loved by the entire country and I’m glad by that fact. As an actor, she was amazing then and she is amazing now. The main thing about Pari’s acting is that she’s irrefrenceable, you can’t ever comment that her acting resembles to some other actor. She has been consistently fresh. The reason behind it must be she never watched films till the time she entered Bollywood. Even Priyanka has that aspect or quality inheritant in her.

Q. You’re a typical Punjabi Munda off screen and that’s what you’re playing on screen so was it easy for you?
It’s not that sort of stuff. When we say a Punjabi Munda, we assume a simple image.of a guy holding a bottle of whiskey in one hand and a glass of milk in the other. I’m not playing any such thing in the film. Even when we talk about Delhi guys, we assume an accent but while playing the role in 2 States, I didn’t accept any such accent. I’m a very vulnerable person in the film, modern day guy who have no issue with his girl chasing her dreams. The situations are turned out in such a way that he has no option left in front of him. He’s a typical lover boy which we all are. And love doesn’t care about the religion.

Q. It has been almost a decade since you’re a part of this Industry. What all changes or evolution you feel you have developed?
It’s a difficult question for me to talk about myself. Earlier I was not so expressive. Its hard for me to be an extrovert. I’m still trying to break that attitude of an introvert. So I evolved myself on certain aspects, I never was arrogant but I appeared to be one. Maybe because I wasn’t conscious enough of what all changes are happening in my environment. But besides that I try my best to answer all your questions, maybe I don’t smile much which makes me look arrogant. So with time I’m realizing several things and trying to evolve myself.

Q. Any such moment which you’re extremely happy you did?
Every moment is happy one in Bollywood but if I’m asked to name one than that would be, Many people asked me not to do Ki and Ka. Many big names suggested me not to do Ki and Ka. As recently then I gave a flop, Kareena gave a flop like Gori Tere Pyaar Me, director gave a flop like Shamitabh. Everyone was against me doing that film, but I followed my instinct. That film didn’t do well, reviewers didn’t like it but still I was satisfied with the response. I feel that in a country like India there should be a film dedicated to housewives.

Q. Usually the films which you do have several edited scenes, directors cut few scenes off, does that disappoints you?
Not at all! I’ve always said that if a film works then the credit goes to entire team and even if film doesn’t work then too credit goes to entire team. Its a collaborative process, that’s what is called a team work. Maybe my performance is good I’m not denying that fact but it’s directors vision and his call to keep the scene or cut it. I’ve never been blank on the sets, I’ve always given my best shot, what I’m told to or what I understood from the writing.

Q. What is your best performance according to you?
It is yet to come. I’m a very self deprecating actor. I’m never happy with my own performance. I’ve a good content but I want more. The opportunities are tremble, I want to go out and want to do more.

Written by: Aakash Gala

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