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INTERVIEW :- ARJUN KAPOOR- ” People should keep Sadashiv Rao apart and Arjun Kapoor apart while trolling…” Read full Interview here…

Are you guys ready to watch the big battle ofPanipat in the film Panipat? Director Ashutosh Gowariker is bringing this magnum opus on the silver screen on 6th December 2019. Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor who has been seen doing different roles every time, is playing the lead role of Sadashiv Rao in this big screen grandeur. While there is lot of talk about the film release, many people want to know Arjun Kapoor’s views on it and has opened up all in this interview. Read it all here…

Q. Was it prosthetics or you shaved your head for Panipat?
Arjun– No. I shaved my head on 16th November last year. We did a look test with bald patch once. Because that was the only way to see how does it look. Then you guys saw me with Cap always for an year, it’s not because i love wearing caps so much but it was to hide the look and i had my own moustache.

Q. What did you have to unlearn for Panipat because it is such a historic film?
Arjun- We can go into history books, we can go to encyclopaedia and understand all the touch points but these people were human beings. I just wanted to unlearn the fact that i have seen so many historic films since childhood and we all have seen them, it came with certain behaviour pattern of the characters from period films. So there has to be some certain differences in the personalities. Ashu sir told me that, a person who is leading thousands of people will have vulnerability, so be vulnerable.

Q. How was it doing so much of Action for Panipat?
Arjun- You should ask this to stuntman who made us do all this. At least we used to have break and we could go in vanity and seat but there were 100 of the people who had to do this without any break. Everytime a fighter fall they have to do the take again so it was more difficult for them. I wore around 18kg suit and then i had to seat on a horse. And we shot the climax in May, please don’t ask why (he laughs). You see i am wearing metal and we shot outdoor so that sun rays reflects and it shines.

Q. How was your experience of horse riding for the film?
Arjun– Those two-months of rigorous horse-riding training with was the best thing to remember from the film’s journey. I took a lot of efforts to get the skill correct. More than the training, the shooting experience was much more enriching. I would say my horse was the best co-star after Kriti Sanon in the film. I gelled so well with the animal and in return he also developed attachment towards me.

Q. What research you had to do for your character?
Arjun– Have you met Ashutosh sir? He’s encyclopaedia himself. Primarily because he is very particular. People know this story in broken parts, some people know the beginning, some knows the end but nobody knows why did it happen. My research came from Ashu sir because if i had opened the story and read then it would have been more difficult for me. So i used to spend time with Ashu sir and my job was to understand what that man must have gone through.

Q. There are lot of Memes being made on social about the film and you character so how do you deal with it?
Arjun– You make fun of me, I am here today I won’t be tomorrow. But if you’re making fun of this film, you’re making fun of people who have sacrificed themselves for India. I don’t see anyone making fun of Shaheed Bhagat Singh. I’ve never seen a meme on Subhash Chandra Bose. But I’m seeing memes on Sadashivrao Bhau and nobody says anything about it. These people were martyrs. Nobody has stood up and said this (memes) is uncouth and rude. I feel it’s sad we are allowing it to happen. I will crack jokes on myself. I don’t have any issues. If you crack jokes on me, I am used to it, you’re making fun of me because I’m relevant. I’ve laughed at many of these in these past, even when Half Girlfriend released. The sad part is the character, the film which is being made fun of, that’s unfair. If you were taught this story from childhood, you’d have agreed that these characters shouldn’t be made fun of. I will laugh a million times over jokes on myself. There has to be a limit. But there’s no balance on social media today, it has become derogatory and negative. People should keep Sadashivrao apart and Arjun Kapoor apart.

Q. Why it is assumed that when someone makes fun of a character in a film, they are also poking fun at the historical personality?
Arjun- There’s an extremist take on criticism. Interpretation is a must… There’s nothing wrong in being critical. I’m critical of other people’s work. I’m self critical too, but there is a way to have a logical conversation. There is always a way of appreciating and criticizing. Criticism is a respectful part of our profession. Most of us get paid money to critique. I appreciate the way you put your question. But that is not how it happens in the country. People compare Panipat with Bajirao but what can we do if these stories happened in same era. There are lots of stories that happened in the same era, does that mean we should stop making film? Like this, Tanhaji shouldn’t be made because we have already had historic war films. Tanhaji was a great warrior, he left his son’s marriage and went for the war on just one conversation, why this story shouldn’t be told? Just because we have already seen something doesn’t mean we should stop making films. We have made Dhoni’s biopic so we should not make Yuvraj Singh’s biopic because we have already seen Dhoni’s biopic, does it make sense?

Q. As Panipat is biggest film of your career what are your expectations from Panipatcommercially?
Arjun- That is an expectation which i can’t even answer. I would want it to be a big success. Primarily because it deserves, i think this story deserves to be watched by maximum people and if it’s entertaining then it will do well. In actor’s life credibility matters which cannot be earned by box office numbers so i want people to like the film first and then it’s film’s destiny.

Q. What about your film Sandeep Aur Pinky Faraar?
Arjun– It will release after Panipat. Yash Raj will give you a release date, I think they are waiting for Mardaani 2 to release and then they’ll announce the release date.

By :- Sameer Ahire.

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