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Interview: Arjun Rampal: We’ve used real Arms & Ammunition while shooting for the film!!

After creating the most appreciated war movies like, Border and LOC Kargil, JP Dutta is back with one more war film, Paltan. It is the story of 1967 war between India and China to retrieve Sikkim. The film has created huge buzz even before its release. Dutta’s Paltan starring Sonu Sood, Arjun Rampal, Jackie Shroff, Gurmeet Choudhary, Harshwardhan Wani, and Luv Sinha is scheduled to release on 7th of September.
Meanwhile we had a pleasant conversation with Arjun Rampal.

Q. In the film Paltan, you’re playing a real character, so tell us something about that and also what all research work you’ve done on a personal level?
I’m playing the role of Colonel Rai Singh in the film. He has a vital role to play. Of course when you’re doing a film with real characters in it, you’ve to do lots of research work. So at a personal level when I was searching about him I discovered that despite of being a colonel in army he was very calm in nature. He had participated in world war 1 as well as world war 2. Even my grandfather was a part of world war 2 under British army in Indonesia and defeated Japanese. So Rai Singh somewhere down the lines resembles to that of my grandfather. He was a person who used to lead the army from the front. Without his contribution I don’t feel that India would have tasted the sweet victory.

Q. Talking about the style of JP Dutta, he is the oldest person, from the school of film making. So is there any difference in his style of film making to that of the contemporary directors these days?
Of course there is a difference. There are the film makers and the directors, so JP Dutta is a film maker. He has stories to narrate, he is a complete purest. He has the magnum opus and a wide vision of DOP as well. He’s an incredible choreographer of war sequences. The way the war scenes are choreographed is just magical. He also made us use the real arms and ammunition. And the experience was exhilarating. So he made us shoot with real arms and ammunition just for the fact that we should stay alert. Instead of pretending it’d be great if we actually hold the guns which might snatch somebody’s life. So the look which cameras captured is mind-blowing.

Q. Paltan is a very intense film, on the same lines its full of action scenes as well. So which sequence of the film you found difficult or disturbing?
There wasn’t any difficult quotient. But the climax scene was quite disturbing. When we see our soldiers dead, is something really terrific. That time I was thinking that there shouldn’t be a war again.

Q. Your last film did not do that well, so what are your expectations from Paltan. And do box-office numbers bother you?
I’ having high hopes from Paltan. Everyone is bothered by the box office number. Obviously every actor wishes that more and more people should watch his movies and admire his hard work and efforts.

Q. After Paltan what types of films are you looking forward at?
I’ve already signed 4 films after Paltan. I can’t reveal the titles or the names of the film makers as it is too early in my opinion. But the next film will be a horror film.

Written by: Aakash Gala

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