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Interview : Ayushmann Khurrana – “Bala is High on content and Funny at the same time..” Read Full Interview here.. 

Ayushmann Khurrana is certainly the King of Content oriented cinema now days. After 6 back to back Critical and Commercial Successes Ayushmann is all set to add another different film in his success story. His upcoming film “Bala” has created tremendous buzz all around and is all set to hit the screens on 7 November 2019 but before that, the Actor has opened up some interesting facts about the film and his recent successes in an Interview. Read it here…

Q. There is another film coming on same subject, but Bala is celebrating the topic while they are making fun of this problem, what do you have to say?
Ayushmann– The word ‘takla’ is quite derogatory. It’s not celebrating self love. It isn’t about just receding hair or baldness. It’s about loving and discovering yourself more than anything else. We shot our film first, announced our film first. There’s just one line which is similar otherwise it’s a different film. I’ve seen the South film, after we completed the shoot. Once you see the film you’ll realise the difference.

Q. Does it bother you that both the films are releasing back to back?
Ayushmann– It happened with Bhagat Singh also. I’m really confident about our film, it’s a beautiful film and one of the best scripts I’ve ever read. You know, anyone can come up with the same idea.

Q. We have lots of dancing and glamour in Award shows, do you enjoy that?
Ayushmann– I was always an achor so i hosted award shows. I love doing that. I started as an achor then why will say no to it, I’m not against it. We get to dance, audience get to see their favourite star and it is also getting you TRPs then what’s in wrong in Awards shows.

Q. There are some controversies surrounding that a writer has claimed the story belongs to him, can you clear things on that?
Ayushmann– I got the same idea by six different people. I’ll just go with the person who is more credible. There was a film called Hair is Falling in 2011 and there were a lot of films which were made on receding hairline but just that they weren’t successful. It’s my decision to go with the best director, best producer and choose the best script on the subject. As simple as that. 

Q. After back to back successes do you feel any pressure while choosing your next film that will it be able to match the success of your previous film?
Ayushmann– There is always a pressure that you have touch the benchmarks every single time. But it’s a happy pressure. I am more of a risk taker, but my line up for the next day is ready

Q. You have done lots of films which were not mainstream commercial films, so Bala is a Commercial film or it’s not a mainstream film again?
AyushmannBala is total commercial film. Though i have done 2 films in this year, Article 15 and Dreamgirl were 2 different films. Bala is somewhere in the middle, it is high on content and funny at the same time.

Q. Are you redefining heroism in industry, you are playing underdog yet you are the winner. Prabhas said he wants to play the underdog and would you like to play Superhero some time?
Ayushmann– The idea is to discover your own different space. If i had not then Vicky Donor and some other would have been unsuccessful films. So i thought this my zone, i have to play on my strength. I thought like my zone is slice of life and quirky but then i thought of changing my zone with films like Andhadhun and Article 15.

Q. You started out your career with Vicky Donor, did you ever have any outside complex?
Ayushmann– In my first film i was like a lost cow. There was no one to guide me so i have actually learnt everything my own. There was no outsider complex but i was lost. So that worked in my favour i guess.

By :- Sameer Ahire.

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