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Interview: Ayushmann Khurrana: Shoojit Sircar and Aditya Chopra are my mentors!!!

Riding High on success with an absolute magnificent film like AndhaDhun, Ayushmann Khurrana jumps into one more quality film by Amit Sharma, Badhai Ho. The film is scheduled to hit the screens on 19th of this month.
Meanwhile we had a word with Ayushmann Khurrana over several topics.

In an interview with Cinespeaks, Aayushman says...

Q. After the overwhelming response of Andhadhun do you feel that there will be a remake of the film?
I’m glad that the film is getting such a positive response. First of all I’d like to thank all of you for your support and love to the film. Coming back to you your question, there could be a sequel of the film for sure. You’ve to ask this to Sriram Raghavan. HE is a genius person and he has these wacky ideas in his mind. I’d love to be a part of the sequel though.

Q. How did you get on board with Badhai Ho?
I was offered the film and its one liner impressed me. I was anticipated to hear the narration of the film. When I heard the narration I was blown away. As soon as the narration got over, I signed the film. It has happened for the second time that I had said Yes to a film so instantly, earlier it happened with ‘Dum Laga Ke Haisha’.

Q. As you just said that you instantly said yes to Badhai Ho. How much time did you take to sign AndhaDhun?
It’s an interesting fact. I myself approached Sriram Raghavan saying that I want to work with him on a film like AndhaDhun. He said that I’m nowhere in his radar as he has never seen me doing a thriller film or playing such a dark character. I requested him to audition me and then decide. The next day I auditioned for the film in which I was given few scenes from the film to perform. Sriram Raghavan was impressed by my audition and he asked for the dates and the film happened. At times, actors have to keep their ego aside and should ask for the film. I don’t mind asking for a script from a director as I give preference to the script. I still have some hidden portions in me which is not revealed to anyone and I’m ready to audition to showcase such talent. Actors usually are self obsessed with their characters but for me it’s the script which holds back the actual value. After my first film Vicky Donor, I suffered a downfall as three of my films happened to be a disaster on box-office. And then I realized that all three of them surrounded me. There was no support cast. Now, for me the character runtime doesn’t matter, there should be a good script and a good support cast.

Q. After the overwhelming response of AndhaDhun, does the expectations from Badhai Ho has changed?
I don’t know about the expectations but yeah the success of AndhaDhun has created a positive atmosphere around me. I never keep expectations from the film I sign. I only keep one thing in focus that this is my film and I’ve to give away my heart and soul to it.

Q. After you failures, has it changed the thought process while choosing a script?
I take the films as a project, I never get depressed with my failures. I believe that its the failures who teach you the value of success. And earlier I committed few mistakes while choosing the film, but now my focus is crystal clear. I’m giving priority to the script and not to my character. And I’d never worked with A listed directors. Before Vicky Donor, even Shoojit Sircar was new. And it’s not that A listed directors don’t approach me, in fact I’ve rejected several films offered which eventually got great response.

Q. Is there any one from the Industry whom you look up at?
I’ve two mentors, One if Shoojit Sircar and another one is Aditya Chopra. Besides them its my wide who is the most supportive one. She reads all my scripts and I never sign any without asking her.

Q. You recently said it somewhere that Sriram Raghwan is a game changer for you. What was the reason behind it?
He has been the game changer for Saif Ali Khan with ‘Ek Haseena Thi’, then for Varun Dhawan in ‘Badlapur’ and now it turned out for me. He is a legendary director and a visionary.

Q. What are the future plans keeping. Something on the digital front or return back to television?
No plans of doing anything on digital front as of now. I don’t mind hosting a show on television. I’d be announcing two films in the following month. I’d love to do Kishore Kumar’s biopic though. I’m a huge fan of Kishore Kumar right from the beginning.

Q. Do you consider yourself in a position where you can select or deselect a particular film?
I have been selective with my scripts right from my first film. Before Vicky Donor I’d rejected five films in a row. I had been secured right from beginning. I was financially well off, I was doing television so I decided to go slow but go high. I’m fortunate enough that I’m getting the scripts I’m looking forward at.

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