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Interview : Ayushmann Khurrana- “There’s No Comparison with Khans”… Read What he has to say..

We all know, Content is the King and Ayushmann Khurrana is King of Content Oriented Films. After 5 back to back Critical and Commercial Successes Ayushmann is all set to add another different film in his success story. His upcoming film “Dreamgirl” has created tremendous buzz all around and is all set to hit the screens on 13 September 2019 but before that, the Actor has opened up some interesting facts of his life and films in an Interview which you can’t miss out.

Q. Congratulations for the National Award, its a huge achievement. Now how are you planning your career. Is there any pressure on you?

Ayushmann :- National Award is a happy pressure, it’s a happy responsibility that i have right now and National Award is actually a perfect validation that my choices are right. So I don’t have to think about anything else or change my formula or my way of thinking and approach towards script. I have to keep my basics right, I don’t have to get overwhelmed by the name of the director, producer and co -actors, i just want go with the material.

Q. It is just not about National Awards, Five hits in a row and all Five have been critically successes also, so is there any change into people around you, there perception, their attitude?

Ayushmann :- I just wanna try different things, i am not thinking about back to back successes. For me Dreamgirl is very different, completely different from my filmography. I have gone to 90s Comedy, i have taken the Govinda out of me.

Q. How do you think this Poojapan from Dreamgirl gonna affect your personal life?

Ayushmann :- My films never affect my personal life. I never take the character home. I am very detached from my Films. I don’t watch my films more than once otherwise i will fall in Love with myself (laughs)

Q. There are lots of tweets, people are saying Khans should learn to select scripts from Ayushmann, what’s your take on it?

Ayushmann :- Its very unfair.. We guys from new generation have to spend 20-25 years in the industry and give consistent Hits, i mean there’s No Comparison.

Q. What has been your Criteria while selecting a script?

Ayushmann :- I think i keep my basics right. One is that, it has to be a fresh concept for Indian Cinema. Number 2- It has to last for 2 hours. The script should hold it for 2 hours. And 3rd it has to have some kind of Value addition, that’s all.

Q. As you said Dreamgirl is your most commercial film till date, still it is so different in commercial zone and hindi cinema has seen some cult films with character like this so what did it require to you?

Ayushmann :- There must be an inspiration.. like Govinda in Aunty No. 1 and Kamal Haasan in Chachi 420. Kamal Hassan was legendary in that film.

Q. After hearing Paani Da, Preity Zinta and Salman Khan gave you a compliment that you have a beautiful voice so when are we going to see you singing more or opening a YouTube channel?

Ayushmann :- I am singing in each film, i sung a song in “Article 15” too. I would love to do more singing in between 2 films but the release dates are so tight at the moment. So, may be Next Year.

Q. It was difficult for you to speak in Female voice and makers were actually thinking to rope in an actress to dub your voice. If it would have been a Bollywood actress whom could you relate the voice?

Ayushmann :- I always wanted to sound sexy in film and i think Priyanka Chopra’s voice is Very Sexy and so is Rani Mukherjee’s.

By: Sameer Ahire

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