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Interview – Bobby Deol : I didn’t become choosy, people became choosy about me!

Bobby Deol began his career as a child artiste, and having grown up in a family of stars, becoming one himself was inevitable! But recently, things have changed for him. However, his upcoming movie, Poster Boys, promises to crack us up and perhaps, teach us something in the process! Catching up with Cinespeak, Vijay Singh, better known as Bobby, tells us all.

Tell us about your character.

I was very excited for this role because I’m playing a small town boy. He speaks in shudh Hindi, so when Shreyas (Talpade) narrated it to me, I was very nervous. We needed to do workshops for 8 to 10 days. He told me to recite Gayatri Mantra a couple of times a day because it opens up your voice and he gave me a couple of Marathi tongue twisters, which I loved but I failed at. (laughs) We worked very hard and finished the film in 37 days and everything went very smoothly because we were well prepared.

You haven’t done films for a while. Any reason for that?

I was trying to work on myself, improve myself. Poster Boys changed my attitude. It’s helped me become more positive. God doesn’t give you many chances, so when I heard about the film, I jumped on board. From then till now, I look much better, I feel better. I know I will attract more attention, and maybe people want to work with me more. A lot of people told me I became very choosy, I didn’t do films for 4 years! I say I didn’t become choosy, it was people who became choosy about me!

How has the journey been so far?

Recently, it’s been a bit rocky. Social media is what it is. You know, people bring you down, raise you up and push you back down again. It’s alright, because that’s human nature. There was this piece about me being a DJ. I was called to this event and they told me to just stand there. I told them I don’t know how to DJ but they said, ‘We will play the music. You just stay there.’ People started to troll me for that. That happened a month ago. It doesn’t really matter now. I’ve a film coming up and I’m excited!

How did you prepare for the role?

I play a small down boy and so I went to a couple of workshops. I also had to work on my look. So I grew a moustache and wore checked shirts. He’s naïve, sincere and very honest. I tried to get into his frame of mind.

Did you try to fight back against people who were posting false news about you?

I spoke to my PR team, but what can you do? The power of the pen, keyboard in this case, is very strong. As long as you know your truth, you will succeed eventually. I agreed to do an interview a couple of months back and it went viral. I was quite surprised to know that people still wanted to read about me. I was astonished and thankful. I was glad people read about my truth. I don’t like to pity myself, because it doesn’t help. It’s better to learn and move on.

Do you think your good looks worked against you?

Oh, thank you! I’m glad people think that way about me! I don’t think that is true really. For me, my father is a really handsome man, I wish I looked like him! Anyway, the trend is changing now. Characters are portrayed by actors who don’t look like them, but they portray it incredibly well. So, hopefully, this transition helps me. (chuckles)

Looks like we have something exciting coming our way!

Poster Boys releases on 8th September, 2017.

Watch the trailer here!


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