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Interview: Bobby Deol: My fans and well-wishers are the reason which keep me determined, no matter Success or Failures!!!


The viewers will witness a huge clash this weekend as two of the biggest films who have already created lots of buzz are making their way towards the release. Shraddha Kapoor starrer Stree and one of the most appreciated family comedy series, Yamla Pagla Deewana. Talking about Yamla Pagla Deewana series, it is going to be the third installment of the series, Yamla Pagla Deewana Phirr Se. We recently tried interacting with Bobby Deol, who will be seen in a vital role. When asked him about the film and what keeps him determined, he said, “It’s of course a pleasure to be on board with such fantastic series. It was basically my beloved father’s decision to make a film where all of us can share the screen space. After the success of first part we decide to make the second installment which did not stand well at box office. Now we’re up with the third installment and as of now the trailer is been appreciated by the viewers. After working with Salman on Race 3, I felt that we should have him on board, at least in form of a cameo. He impressively agreed to it. It was his Idea in fact to get Rekha Ji, Shatrugan sir on board. It was my dream to work with them.”
When asked him about his recent failures and absence he clarified, “It’s actually my well-wishers who keep me determined and who give me a reason to work harder. Before Race 3, I wasn’t offered any good scripts which was the reason of by absence on-screen. I wish that with my upcoming film, I conquer the hearts of my fans and keep them entertained.”
When asked him about the change he notices in the cinema of 90s to that of the current one, he expressed, “Undoubtedly there is a huge evolution in the quality of films which were made back in 90s to that of current quality. Earlier people loved to watch melodramatic movies, whereas the fresh generation feels it annoying. The westernization has boosted at a very high extent so we also try to evolve our thinking considering the likes of this generation.”


When asked him to share his most memorable moment while shooting for YMD, he shares, “Spending time with my father and brother is a moment in itself. To be specific about it, there was a period where my father was unwell and still he didn’t try to escape from his work, which somewhere inspired me.”
When asked about his most acclaimed genre, he says, ” I feel that I’m good at comedy. In the first installment of YMD, people actually loved me that way. Maybe that’s the reason that I’m playing a part in Housefull 4 as well. But I’ll never claim myself to be a master of a particular genre. As it is I’m an actor and I get to learn some new thing every passing day. I feel that I get to learn with every actor I’m working along with. I feel that being in this profession, you’ve to be spontaneous, you’ve to feel those emotions which you wish your audience should realize.”
Taking that comment forward, why don’t you try exploring various genres and shut the mouths of your haters? On this intense question, Bobby very calmly answered, “I don’t want to shut anyone’s mouth. I just want to entertain my fans, my viewers and my well wishers. It’s not their fault if they haven’t watched my film or if they don’t feel the caliber in me. I have to concentrate on my work, that it to entertain the audience.”
He spontaneously answered to every question we threw on him. As of now, the trailer of Yamla Pagla Deewana Phirr Se has crossed 15 Millions mark on YouTube in just two weeks which is really impressive. Even the songs are doing absolutely well and we hope that film receives huge recognition and love from its viewers.

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