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Interview : DaraSing Khurana – ”Its a feeling of pride to represent India on an International level for Mr. International”.

Model DaraSing Khurana is one of the very few young entrepreneurs who has established a successful cinematic wedding filming company at the age of 21. After that he had been working behind the camera as a fashion consultant to leading men in Bollywood for quite some time now, then he thought it was the time he faces the camera, and he recently decided to be a model. He has also done ramp shows for leading designer Rohit Verma in India and abroad, India Luxury Style Week, Bangalore. India International Style Week, Jaipur etc. Currently his sole focus is on representing India on International level at Mister International 2018.

How did the idea of modelling come in your mind ?

I think it was always there, probably I did not take it too seriously to make it my profession. I think the seed was sowed when I was 14, I had won a local pageant in my hometown, ‘Mr.Parbhani 2008’ and since then I had dreamt of becoming Mr.India, but somewhere it had taken a back seat. It was then when I become a fashion consultant and got exposed to the industry, I decide to audition for Mr.India, my brother always motivated me and said, ‘you are a perfect Mr.India material’. I think this line of his always gave me that push.

Tell us your experience of working as a fashion consultant.

Working as a fashion consultant definitely changed the way I looked at the industry. Everything seems so glamorous onscreen. But getting that perfect look is way difficult than I or anybody else can ever imagine. But I think all the hard work, the late nights and the early mornings were worth the exposure I got, I understood how the industry works, and that how one should conduct himself.

How was it working for leading actors as fashion consultant behind the camera ?

Umm now that question makes me think ! Well it was such a delight to meet and work with my childhood superstars on daily basis but there is much more to it. It’s very important for a fashion consultant to be able to convince the client to dress up the way they think will look good. And I think that’s a task with starts, ‘convincing’! But once you win their confidence, they definitely are more open to try what you think would look good.

How did the idea of a cinematic wedding filming company fascinate you ?

Since the very beginning I loved to explore. I always interned at different places and actively participated in every game and activity that came my way! It was post my graduation that I happened to meet a very senior marketing manager of a media house and he along with his wife had plans to float a one of its kind cinematic wedding filming company, wherein everything would be personalised even the background music and songs used in the wedding film would specially be composed for the couple by a Bollywood’s leading music director. I gave him a few ideas which did not fail to impress him and that is when he offered me to be partners with him in this new venture. The sole reason of accepting this offer was, my partners were very learned and there was so much that I wanted to learn from them.

You were an entrepreneur already at tender age of 21 so where do you see yourself in next 10 years from now ?

10 years !? I thinks that’s a very long time. I am someone who sets short term goals, try my best to achieve them and then derive motivation from the last goal that I achieved. I believe in taking small and steady steps. Well I can’t really answer where do I see myself in the next 10 years, but for sure, no matter where I reach, I would definitely be satisfied and content with life.

Now you are into modelling as a model so like other models is Bollywood films next in your wishlist ?

As I said I believe in setting short term goals, my next goal is to put my heart, soul and work hard towards getting the tittle of Mr. International 2018 for India. I am a trained actor and would definitely consider Bollywood as the next step, but for now it’s just the Tittle of Mr.International 2018 that I see.

In your entire career as a model tell us any one designer for whom you enjoyed walking the ramp the most.

I really love walking the ramp for designer Rohit Verma. His each collection is very different from the other. And I personally like to experiment with my looks and I think every collection of his gives me that opportunity.

How do you feel that now you are representing India on an international level for Mr. International !

Its a feeling of pride to be representing India, at the same time it’s a huge responsibility. While I was watching the film ‘Dangal’ I had this thought running in my mind, ‘I wish, I can represent India at any platform some day, what a feeling of pride would that be!’. And by the grace of God and blessings of my elders, it did not take very long. Now I want to keep up to everybody’s expectations and get the tittle to India.

By Vrinda Mundara.

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