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Interview: Divyendu Sharma: I’m really enjoying the space I’m in right now. It’s my hard-work and few decisions that I made in the past which are now paying off!!!

Shahid-Shraddha starrer Batti Gul Meter Chalu is on the verge of releasing. The film revolves around the story of a man whose best friend commits suicide because he was under high pressure by the electricity company. Meanwhile, we had an interaction with Divyendu Sharma regarding the film and his personal life.

In an interaction with Cinespeaks, Divyendu says…

Q. In the trailer of Batti Gul Meter Chalu, you’re shown dead, so were you alright with that call?
Of course I was fine with that call. As the makers were willing to show some sort of relevance to the story. They wanted to avoid the thoughts of a simple story where the guys deals with electricity problem. There should be some essence which will grab the attention. And someone committing suicide because of electricity issue has that essence which can grab one’s attention.

Q. As compared to Toilet- Ek prem katha, you have a larger role to play in Batti Gul Meter Chalu. What according you could be the reason?
Not actually. If we analyze it technically, I had a long run-time in Toilet, whereas in BGMC, my role is restricted to first half only. And I never sign a film on the basis of run-time of my role, rather I sign them on the basis of content, and importance to my character. In BGMC, I’m playing a vital role. It’s because of my character’s incident that story progressed further.

Q. You’re the part of Toilet Ek prem katha and now you are the part of BGMC. Both the films are Shree Narayans directorial. So which film you enjoyed working in on a personal level?
I enjoyed working for both the films. Toilet at some extent was a light-hearted film where I’m having fun with Akshay Kumar. BGMC has a sensitive end to it. The gravity of seriousness in the film is high as compared to Toilet. But I genuinely enjoyed both the films.

Q. On a personal level, what’s your take on privatization? Do you consider it an advantage or disadvantage? Adding to it, have you ever faced the problem of electricity?
To answer the first question, privatization is not so good as the rights goes in the hands of a private organization. And when some private organization is handling the rights then it can’t be beneficial for commoners around. So in this case its a disadvantage. Answering the second question, I come from the capital of India i.e Delhi and there the problem of electricity is pretty often. And I used to get pissed off when there is no electricity during the bedtime. Especially during summer seasons, I used to sleep at terrace along with thousands of mosquitoes around.

Q. In Toilet, you got to work with Akshay Kumar and now in BGMC, you’re working with Shahid Kapoor and both are the phenomenal actors, so what do you get to learn from both of them?
Akshay Kumar has been working for 25 long years, and still he is very punctual. Being a superstar he is always on time. So I get to learn punctuality from Akshay Kumar. Talking about Shahid Kapoor, even he is pretty much old in this industry and his knowledge of understanding films is just beyond expectations. He understands the camera setups, language of filmography, he knows that how the light is gonna reflect and how the image on camera will look like. He has an immense knowledge of films and craft of filmography, he understands films and gulps it down.

Q. After Pyaar Ka Punchnama, there was a huge gap in your career. What was the reason behind it?
I don’t wanted to be a part of similar genres, similar type of films. I wanted to explore myself as an actor. I preferred waiting for the good scripts to come on my way rather doing the same type of films to satisfy my hunger. I wanted to explore the artillery as an actor. I wanted to experiment my versatility and that’s the reason I rejected few films. To add-on that, it’s a disheartening feeling to say no to such huge films.

Q. What’s your thought process while reading a script and on what criteria do you sign a film?
Initially, I used to do all films with a good script. But with passing time, I realized that there are several things which should be taken care of. I eventually began to notice whether director and me are on the same page or not, whether the film will release with a smooth go or not. So there were several stuffs I look upon currently before choosing a script.

Q. Right from 2011 to 2018, are you satisfied with how your career has shaped?
Absolutely! I’m enjoying the space I’m in right now. I’m doing BGMC, I’m a part of an Excel entertainment and Amazon’s original web series, Mirzayapur which will release in November. So I’m absolutely happy with the decisions I’ve made in the past, and it’s probably my hard-work which is paying off now.

Written by: Aakash Gala

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