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Interview : “Every film is a risk on its own,” believes Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif speaks up about her upcoming movie Jugga Jasoos where she shares how Jugga is different from other mainstream Bollywood movies and lot more. Excerpts:


There have been many delayed movies which released and didn’t do well at the Box Office, what is your take on that?

I have to disagree with you on this, as an actor when we know the process of making a film. Every film has its own journey and its own process. What is important is the vision of the film does it deliver the message we have been trying to convey. There are story which has passion and that vision. The vision that Anurag Basu had for Jagga Jasoos had hit and trial method. We made a musical film, we had to convey things through music, it was not a long song after a particular scene but a variety of other things. There were background music where I had to say things to Ranbir or vice versa, there were songs for a particular scene and songs like ‘Galti se Mistake’. Avatar took 10 years to make, not that we have made Avatar but the point is, every movie has its own journey and own fate. With Pritam and Anurag Da working together, we didn’t have deadlines that we got to finish this by a day or two, it was more about the quality.

The genre is very different and has seldom been tried in Hindi Cinema, how do you feel about it?

I think every film is a risk on its own. That’s the journey of making movies; it is a risky business that can’t have a definite outcome. I can’t say Jagga is a risky film, if the story is good it will get its audience. People have to be open to the way the story has been experience. If they are not willing to accept the newness of the narrative and the way the story is crafted then that maybe an issue but if people are willing to see the movie with a fresh theme then they would like it.

Was there any hesitation to be a part of such a film?

From Day 1 the concept was always to make a musical and I knew what Dada meant by musical. i thought it was a great music, I love musical films and maybe there is only one thing could change, I would have added a little bit dance for it but I think that is my vision and ofcourse, the movie is helmed by father and he has made what he wanted to.


What is your take on producing films? Would you be producing one any time soon?

I think it is just one element of the industry. If I find a person who is making a story which I really like and someone who I can partner with, I’d like to do it.

What is the kind of movies that you are looking forward to do now since you have attempted all kinds?

I really would like to play characters that are unusual, I have done more traditional or a certain love interest type of characters. But it doesn’t matter what I am looking for, it has to come, it is the vision of the director who crafts their actors in a way, the director has to believe in their actors and offer them such roles.

What according to you is the single biggest USB of Jagga Jasoos?

The story, the narrative, the screenplay, as long as the story is been communicative then nothing is going to be a problem. My only concern with Jagga is that a typical movie has 4-5 song space in the movie and that is it. Here the song continues with the story, if audience can accept that then I am certain people will like the movie.

How is Anurag Basu special as a director?

The biggest strength that you need to have as a director is to be able to materialize and express their vision in a wider space for the audience. Even I have stories and vision in my mind but I am not able to express it, a director will have to have that quality to pull off the story on screen. Apart from that, dada always wants a connecting factor in his movies; he makes movies which connects your inner chord.


What do you have to say about the trolls and social media criticism?

It is not really that a big part of my life where I should be concerned about it. With all due respect to the media, I don’t really keep an update of how is saying what. I just recently joined instagram and I love it and its fun, the moment it’s not fun to me I will move out of it. For me, it’s a part of me, I post tings things which are funny to me or I like but that is it, I have no idea what people feel about it and I tend to keep it this way.

How did you get into the character for his films?

I work according to the director. If the director wants to have workshop, I will do it. If he wants me to read with him, I will do it. My idea is to always be with the director in what he thinks. Unless you have a character where you will have to mold yourself, like Ranbir has a stammer problem in the movie, so he will have to work on that, or anybody who plays a footballer or a cricketer, or has a particular dialect, he will take lessons, but here you just need to find who your character is and you do that by talking with your director and standing by him in his ideas.

Is it your conscious decision to take up new roles which are challenging to you, like Baar Baar Dekho was entirely a different story?

Of course I want to be a part of things which are different and new, but having said that, I would want to do anything and everything which can be bizarre but because its new I am doing it. I was thrilled when Farah ma’am came to me with Shiela ki Jawani, and I wasn’t that thrilled when I had other dance projects after wards but I did them because I enjoyed them.


Transcribed By – Paridhi Tripathi

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