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Interview: Gauravv Chawla: I’m displaying my vision through the film and trying to ignore the technicalities at a certain extent!!!

Gauravv Chawla, director of Baazaar is making his Bollywood debut. The film starring Saif Ali Khan, Radhika Apte, Chitrangada Singh and Rohan Mehra in the lead is scheduled to release on 25th this month

Q. The trailer is out and it looks damn interesting, so what’s your feeling right now?
Gaurav: I’m glad that everyone of you liked the trailer. As of now I’m experiencing mix of emotions, at times I’m nervous and at times I’m excited. I’m eager to watch the response it gets from the audience as it is my.debut!!!

Q. How did you come on board?
Gauravv: So initially Nikhil Advani was meant to direct this film as he himself has written it. I was shooting for POW when I got the call from Nikhil sir. He said that you’ll be directing Baazaar. I was already introduced to the script. The other day I met Saif and everyone else and that’s how I came on board. Meanwhile Nikhil sir asked me to make appropriate changes to the script, he said that make it look younger. He has created the world of money, with the backdrop of stock market. But I wanted to enhance it to another level. Saif Ali Khan is playing Shakun Kothari who is the richest man, he was nothing initially later he marries Chitrangada Singh’s character who already belongs to a royal family. For Shakun every step is a investment. Then there is Rohan’s character who comes from a small town with dreams in his vision. Later those dreams turns into ambitions and he starts crossing lines. Shakun Kothari is the one who is creating those lines. So thats the story and I wanted to create a world where the meetings take place on a roof top restaurant or on a York, where the stock exchange don’t take place on phone apps and stuff.

Q. The genre which you’re experimenting on is quite a risky as it is if you overdo it then you loose accessibility but even if you undergo it you loose the charm of it and there’s a very thin line distinguishing it, so how did you manage to bring things on a right part?
Gauravv: Exactly! I need to be cautioned enough before getting into anything of that sort. There are several technicalities which I need to keep in mind. The other day Saif asked me how’re you going to shoot financial flaw scenes as it is I’ve no idea about the stock exchange. Even if I made an entire film of that genre still I’m clueless about it. Later we got several professionals on board to guide through it. Having said that, I’m experimenting with my vision and I need not keep the financial technicalities on the forefront.

Q. Was it intimidating to work with established actors like Saif and Radhika and Chitrangada?
Gauravv: Not really! I’ve been working for last a decade. I’ve worked with Nikhil Advani, Shaad Ali, Yash Raj etc. I’ve worked with actors like Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar so there wasn’t an intimidation exactly. But it was great working with such experienced and phenomenal actors like Saif, Radhika and Chitrangada. Few years back people used to ask who is Radhika Apte and now entire country recognize her. She’s doing fantastic job on digital front.

Written by: Aakash Gala

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