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Exclusive Interview: Himansh Kohli – Of course, nepotism exists!

Himansh Kohli began his journey in Bollywood with his first film ‘Yaariyan’. Now, breaking out of the ‘chocolate boy’ prison, he returns with the story of a small town bank heist, ‘Ranchi Diaries’. We caught up with him to know more.

Tell us a little bit about the plot.

It’s based in Ranchi. The main characters are planning a bank heist and there are a lot of other circumstances that affect them. So, the story is about how it all comes together and how the characters react to it.

Can you tell us more about your character?
I’m playing a character named Manish. He’s in love with the lead played by Soundarya Sharma. So, basically, Manish is responsible for making the plan to rob a bank because he’s the smartest of the 5 people involved. He’s the mastermind behind it all.

Is there any particular reason you took this film?
Yes, of course. I’m tired of people typecasting me as a chocolate boy in their films. So, after Yaariyan, I wanted to do something different.

Your character hails from Ranchi. Did you have to do any prep in regards the persona or the accent?
So, I was actually very nervous when I was cast because I was working with greats like Anupam Kher, Satish Kaushik and Jimmy Shergill. So, I really worked hard. My director is from Ranchi so he is familiar with the dialect and accent and so, he helped me,

What kind of genre would you like to explore?
As an actor, I’m open to anything. I’m not inclined to the ‘chocolate boy’ or ‘action hero’ image specifically. If the script is good, I’d like to do the film. This is the beginning of my career; this is just the third film for me. So, I’d like to do different kind of films so that I learn along the way.

How was it working with Anupam Kher and Satish Kaushik at the same time?
It was incredible! I got lucky, you know. They’re living legends! Actually, when Anupam sir was on set, we were terrified, because we were so nervous! I didn’t want to commit a mistake in front of him. Satish sir really helped me out with the scenes. I used to go and sit beside him before we started every time! He’d guide me very well.

What’s your take on nepotism?
(laughs) Nepotism! Of course, it exists, but not to a large extent. But, by God’s grace, I got my break in Yaariyan and I didn’t need any kind of influence. I was quite blessed!

Why do you think commercial films are not doing too well and instead, smaller budget films, like Bareilly Ki Barfi and Toilet: Ek Prem Katha are doing so well?
I think it’s because people relate to the films more. The characters are more real and relatable for the audience and so are the concepts! The traditional films with a hero and heroine are not working anymore because people crave better content now. They’re looking for something different.









Watch the trailer here!

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