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INTERVIEW: I believe in God. So, I definitely believe in some form of super natural power as well. I have never come across a ghost.

The makers of the film, ‘Dobaara’ recently dropped a new trailer and it is sure to intrigue the audience. Huma Qureshi is back after ‘Jolly LLB 2’, for an adaptation of one of the scariest movies, ‘Oculus’, she talks more about her upcoming film, ‘Dobaara’ in a recently held interview with Cinespeaks for the film.


Are you a horror movie buff?

I am a movie buff to be precise. I love films. There is no specific genre that I like the most, I love doing various kinds of role. I enjoy portraying different kind of roles.

What is the movie all about?

The movie is an adaptation of the Hollywood supernatural psychological horror film ‘Oculus’ (2014), directed by  Mike Flanagan. The story revolves around a mirror that is believed to be haunted. While my character, Natasha (Huma’s character in the film) believes that the haunted mirror had a role to play in their parents’ death, Kabir (Saqib’s character) does not share her belief. The siblings then set out in their search of the truth. This is the basic framework of the film.


Did you get scared while you were shooting? How was your experience throughout the shooting?

No, not really. I was quite scared while watching the film and not while shooting the film. “Horror films se dar lagta, toh horror film karti kaise.” Dobara, is a very different sort of a horror film. It has thrill, edge and it is spooky. Our focus was to create a film which families can watch together. There are horror films which can’t be watched with family. Also, you will get to watch something, you have not watched so far in any of the Indian horror films.


How different is it from the original? 

The premise is the same. Both brother and sister have a different point of view on an incident which occur one night, where in the brother is trying to get rid of the past and on the other hand sister is dragging him into the past. By and large the premise is quite similar to the original but the only little Addition in Indian version is the, emotion. We have incorporated the element of emotion in the movie unlike the original. We Indians are inclined towards emotions. Our belief system and values are completely different from the west. So, we needed a few changes in the film considering our Indian audience.

Can you recollect any of your childhood memories, where you and your brother ever tried to scare each other.

Me being elder to him, I used to scare the hell out of him. I still remember whenever we would play and hit each other, I would not move and would act as if I’m no more alive, this would scare him a lot. (laughs) Also, every time I would mess up something or break things, i would blame him in front of mom or dad. I have taken is case, big time! (laughs)

Do you believe in supernatural power?

I believe in God. So, I definitely believe in some form of super natural power as well. I have never come across a ghost. (laughs)

 How was the experience working with Adil Hussain and Lisa Ray?
I am fortunate enough to be working with Adil Hussain. He is one fine actor I always wanted to work with. We all know he recently won the national award. He is a huge talent and a wonderful human being and I’m happy that we had the opportunity to work together as the entire experience is definitely a master-class in acting. And about Lisa, firstly she is so beautiful and instilled with positivity. She is a very brave woman. She is beautiful inside out and she is such a great energy to be around.
Is there anything in your wishlist? Do you want to work with certain directors and actors?
 Umm.. As an actor I am very greedy. I want to work with the Khans and other fine actors. I want to associate my craft with fabulous directors. I know no limit. I am a bit choosy which is why I don’t usually come with package of films yearly. I have barely done many films. I have just started. I want to do the good work.
What kind of script do you like?
 I am open to all kinds of script. The moment I read any script and if I end up developing certain kind of connection with the script or likeness, regardless of any liking and disliking, I quickly take decision. My decision making act is more spontaneous with respect to deciding on a film script.

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