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#INTERVIEW- “I celebrate failures.” – Rakul Preet on being asked about failure of ‘Aiyaary’.

After having made a big name for herself in the south industry, Rakul Preet had shifted gears into Bollywood with ‘Yaariyan’ initially and then ‘Aiyaary’.  Although ‘Aiyaary’ failed at the box office, nothing seems to be have shaken the confidence of this talented young actress. And now, she is back with a bang in ‘De De Pyaar De’ directed by debut director, Akiv Ali also starring Ajay Devgn and Tabu. In a conversation with CineSpeaks, Rakul speaks her heart out on the film, life and much more. 

Q) What made you accept ‘De De Pyaar De’ and how is it as a love triangle? 

Rakul – See it’s not a love triangle. If you see the trailer, it’s about a man and a man and a woman and they fall in love and then the man brings her to meet the family and then the complications they face after that. Personally for me, I thought I must do this because I am getting to work with two great actors in the form of Ajay sir and Tabu ma’am and not just that, my role is equally important as them and it’s not like I just exist. So I hope with this movie, people take proper notice of me as an actress.  The film is very progressive. Nowadays if you have relationships with a huge age difference, it’s become normal unlike before where there would be reactions like ‘Aree yeh kya? ‘ So overall, I needed to do this. 

Q) What was the comfort zone like in working with senior actors like Ajay Devgn and Tabu? 

Rakul – I was extremely comfortable to be honest and they too made me feel so. Also throughout your life you wanted to be in a space where you would work with big actors in big films. So earlier I was waiting for the film to start and now I am waiting for it to release. 

Q) Was it intimidating in any way while working with Ajay and Tabu? 

Rakul – See as I said, throughout your life you wanted to work big actors in a big setup. Now at the end moment in a situation like that, if I get nervous or intimidated, then I don’t deserve to be there. So I always more excited rather than intimidated. So yeah. 

Q) You have obviously worked in the south film industry as well. What according to you is the difference between that industry and bollywood? 

Rakul – Well, I feel there’s no difference.. Both the industries are in a good space of their own.. There’s a cross exchange that happens and that’s good. Besides greats like Sridevi ma’am and Tabu ma’am have earier worked in the south before shifting here. So there’s no such difference as such apart from the language. And I know the language as well so that’s not really a hindrance as well. 

Q) So will you continue working there in the south industry as well in a parallel manner? Also were you working more on Tamil films than Telegu films? 

Rakul – Umm, I started doing tamil films only 2 years ago. Before that, I was doing telegu films for 4 years in a row. And last year, I was doing Tamil, Telegu and Hindi. See I don’t want to be in a position where I will need to decide. I take one day at a time. So whatever destiny holds for me, it will come to me at that pace and it will happen accordingly. If Alia Bhatt and Shraddha Kapoor can do films there, why do I need to decide? I just want to do good films and have good cinema under my kitty. 

Q) Do you feel anxious when it comes to sharing the screen with another actress? 

Rakul – No I don’t really get anxious. I shouldn’t get anxious either if the film is incomplete without me or the other actress. We all need to compliment each other so that the final product comes out nice. It’s very important for everyone to gel well and work that way. Only then as I said earlier, the final product will come good. 

Q) Did the failure of ‘Aiyaary’ affect you? 

Rakul – I celebrated the failure of ‘Aiyaary’. Atleast even if a film fails or is a hit, I can atleast get to say that I have done a film and it failed. Failure is important and you won’t grow until your fail. Besides, my friends will know that every friday when my film releases, be it a hit or a disaster, I celebrate and thank the universe that I am able to live my dream. There are so many who don’t even know what their dream is let alone living it. I am very spiritual that way.  My friends call me ‘Sadhguru 2.0’. Hahaha! 

Q) How difficult was it to make inroads into the Hindi film industry from the tamil and telegu industry? 

Rakul – See, nothing comes easy. It’s about always about enjoying the journey throughout and most importantly embracing it.. Once you do that, you will be giving your 200% to the work that you are getting and doing because you know that if you aren’t good, it will go away any moment. And when you are not born with a silver spoon with a great launch, you will value the struggle a lot more and that’s where I feel I learnt a lot. With more work and more time, it just happened and I am glad it did. But as I said, nothing good comes easy and hence this wasn’t easy either. 

Q) ‘Aiyaary’ was actually a good movie. What do you think went wrong? 

Rakul – Yaar, if I knew myself that what went wrong, main khud jaake hi correct kar deti na.. But then kya kare? Abhi jo hai woh hai. You can’t really afford to think too much on it and let it impact you. Just move on and focus on your next. We work in films. Some work and some don’t work. That’s part and parcel of this industry. 

Q) What kind of movies do you like to watch? 

Rakul – I like all kinds of movies. Comedy, thriller and everything. But personally, I can’t connect to something that is too much of a fantasy. That’s why I probably can’t watch a Harry Potter or a Game Of Thrones. Also after acting in films yourself and all, there’s too much of work and there also you are playing other characters. So waha bhi unreal yaha bhi unreal.. It will become an unreal world itself. Hahaha! 

Q) So if you could translate that into the kind of movies you would like to do? 

Rakul – Well, I want to do everything. I want to do rom-coms. I want to do a period saga. I want to do love stories.. I am a hardcore consumer of love stories. So pretty much everything. 

Q) So what about the Mr. Right in your life? Do you have time for him? 

Rakul – I am useless. Earlier during school and college, my mother used to tell me that don’t get a boyfriend.. Now she tells me to find someone.. But I tell her that I can’t as I don’t know how to. So I have asked my friends to look for someone for me. 

Q) Do you want to venture into digital? 

Rakul – Well, if something pathbreaking comes up then why not. Be it english, hindi any language, if the content is nice then would love to. Digital is the future afterall. 

Q) Who are the directors you have in your wishlist? 

Rakul – Many. Depends on if they want to work with me or not. Karan Johar, Rajkumar Hirani, Sanjay Leela Bhansali. So many. 

Q) Want to try Television anytime soon? 

Rakul – No not really. Not as of now. I have the thirst to act now and do many characters. So fine with that at the moment. 

Q) How do you differ the content being made in Bollywood and in the south? 

Rakul – I don’t really differ. We have great content coming up here too. Look at films like ‘Andhadhun’ and ‘Badhaai Ho’. It’s a great time and space to be as an actor in the hindi film industry. 

Q) What’s your next hindi release ?

Rakul – I have ‘Marjawaan’ coming up with Sidharth and Tara. Riteish is also there. He is playing a negative. And there are some conversations going on. Hopefully by June, I will announce something soon. 

Q) Tell us a bit abour your character in ‘Marjawaan’ ?

Rakul – Too early to speak on that. But then all I can tell is it is very very different from what you see me here as Aisha. 

Q) Your favourite all time hindi movies? 

Rakul – ‘DDLJ’,  ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’,  ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’.  And one film which I loved recently was ‘Dangal’. 

Q) Lastly, any plans of doing any biopic? If yes, then anyone in particular? 

Rakul – Oh, I would love to. Biopics are a fantastic way of celebrating a life which needs to be celebrated. They are the real heroes and their stories must be told. I would love to but probably after a film or two because I obviously need to make that name for myself so that people come and see me. I would have loved to do Saina Nehwal’s biopic. She is a friend as well but then that’s already cast. So yeah. But I would love to do a biopic. 


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