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Interview:” i keep changing what i do”, says Vidyut Jamwal.

Transcribed By – Shraddha Verma

Popularly known as’The New Age Action Hero of Bollywood’, Vidyut Jamwal and also a trained martial artist from the age video of three. Has also worked in various Kollywood and Tollywood movies is talking about his upcoming film Baadshaho and he finds himself proud to called as the action hero of the country and a lot more. Excerpts:

1- Do you have an urge to go beyond action and do more?

Ans. I love being the action hero of the country. And i am so proud of the fact that i had come to Bombay to be the action hero and i have done it. I don’t have an ambition but I’ll keep doing it.

2- How difficult does it get for you to make sure that the action in one film is different from another and that from another?
Ans. It’s not difficult. It’s just you have done in the past and you don’t do it again and you keep reinventing yourself. And it’s just like you keep evolving and when you evolve you are not the same person that you were. I keep changing what I do.

3- How do you stand opposite someone like Ajay Devgan and any big star or may be a superstar.
Ans. You don’t think, you just stand. He is a very big star of the country but still you don’t think and just stand. And then your body, your brain and your thoughts will do everything.

4- How do you plan all the choreography and action as you do it on your own and just like it was in Commando, the whole airport sequence it was just like it had never happened in the industry or also we can say at international level.

Ans. Actually i always do not need to plan. It’s like they give me the script and I think what else can I do and you just do it. But in the case of Badshaho I did not think too much because my role was of an army officer and the director was all ready with what I had to do, he had everything in his mind and I just did it.

5- when it comes to the action, if we talk about Commando. There started a new trend of action with you. So has it been a struggle for you to maintain your own individuality what what you want to be without getting carried away.
Ans. No.

6- what would you do if you are offered a comedy films a some sort of romantic film? Would you do it or not?
Ans. Of course, I would do it but I need to like who is making it or there are a lot of things that I need to like it’s not something that I Ave not done anything like that so let’s do it. One should atleast like something about it.

7- Do you like to be presented like a proper action star in a film?
And. Yes, and what I believe is in realism it’s all about real action. And as I have said earlier that I love to be called the action hero of the film.

8- Ok, so how do you keep updating your skill?
Ans. YouTube. It’s just that I see somebody doing something I get turned on like I am gonna do it.

9- What reviews did you get for the bottle push-up video of your?
Ans. First of all people were liking it and actually I was announcing my upcoming movie. And if I talk about reviews, worldwide people are liking it and the best part was that I am one of the four who did it worldwide. Reviews were phenomenal and I loved it.

10- Do you have a vision about the way action should be presented in the Indian cinema?
Ans. No. I am just enhancing what I do. I am just working on myself.if someone comes and sees the potential in me then I need not have the vision, they’ll have it.

11- So you want to be an actor or a star?
Ans. First of all I had become what I wanted to. You will become what you want to be, limitation starts when you start thinking, I wanna beat this.

12- When will you start shooting for junglee?
Ans. Hope it starts on 22nd of October.

13-So we can expect a next year release then?
Ans. Yes, for sure.

14- Talking about action,what do you feel about fake action shown in the cinemas?
Ans. I find it very funny and usually laugh at it.(laughs)

15- you were going to work with Akshay Kumar but due to some reason it did not happen. So when are we going to see you both together in a film.?
Ans. Can’t exactly say when, but whenever it will happen it will be a big hit, people will want to watch it.

16- Any injuries you have been facing while shooting for this particular film?
Ans. Yes, injuries happen but that should not effect your work.

17- Do you think it’s such a contract that from the exterior you are such a tough action guy and from within so soft.
Ans. Yes I have been brought up by my mother and my elder sister so I know we have to better be gentle with females and be soft as much as possible. And also don’t listen to anyone just do what you like and want to, life is amazing so live it to the fullest.

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