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Interview – “I wanted Ayushmann to play because I knew only he could pull it off” – Raaj Shaandilyaa

Raaj being a writer director of many films like “Welcome Back”, “Freaky Ali”, “Bhoomi”, “Issaq” and have written for many Television comedy shows like “Comedy Circus ke superstars”, Comedy Circus ke Jaadoo and for “The Kapil Sharma Show” as well. Raaj has come with his new comedy film and making his directorial debut with his “Dream Girl” starring Ayushman Khurrana and Nushrat Bharucha. The film will be releasing on 13th of September 2019 near your theatres. In the interview, Raaj has spoken about his journey and shared his experience from his film “Dream Girl” Keep reading to know more.

Q. Ayushman Khurrana being a great actor , how did you make him play the role of a girl in this movie and how sure were you?

Raaj: There are few things you don’t plan but become your dream. I wanted Ayushmann to play the role because I felt only he could pull it off. The kind of character he’s playing, the lean body, his body language, the way he makes the voice of a girl plus he’s playing Sita and Radha so I believed that he could do this that’s why I approached him. Playing a character of a girl is not easy to do it. When I wrote the script of Dream Girl, last year that time neither he was an award winning actor nor he did “Badhaai Ho”, “Article 15”. He was doing “Subh Mangal Savdhaan” and ” Bareily ki Barfi” when I was writing this script. I knew If I’m doing a film with Ayushmann, I should do a character which he has not played before. You see him playing different characters in each of his films. I wanted to balance the comedy and experiment equally in this film and I did.

Q. Have you thought of making it a complete commercial instead of experimental?

Raaj: This is actually not experimental, I would say because people often have done all these in real lives, we have seen making female voice. Here, Ayushmann is also doing according to the script. When we see plays or theatre, we often find male playing female characters, so it happens.

Q. What were the challenges you faced when you were writing the script?

Raaj: Whenever I write scripts, I make sure that my story should have entertainment first followed by story line and events or other things. When I’m doing a comedy film, I know on what type of comedies would make the audience laugh, how much they are laughing or getting entertained. It should not be over the top situation, should be balanced with the comedy and drama. People are loving the songs, they loved the trailer. People expect from your film so there’s a fear if people are going to like it or not as this is my first film so now I’m sure people are enjoying. The comedy which the film has is actually the same what people are seeing in the trailer. I’ve maintained that level.

Q. You have worked in Televsion for a long time and now you did a movie. How difficult was the transition for you?

Raaj: In television, I used to get the chance of writing different types of scripts and you can express or improve your humor everyday but here you get chance only once to tell your story. That’s the difference. I enjoyed both television and film.

Q. How confident are you with Ayushmann in this film, regarding film success?

Raaj: Now a days, we get slight signal whether the film is going to be a hit or not. The trailers and songs come out before the movie releases and people watch it. If they love it ,if they enjoy it, that’s a positive note. For me, film success/ business is not only profit and money, if people are understanding and loving my life, well that’s what I see, that’s my business. When you see people are loving your film, you get a little confident.

Q. How was the struggle of your journey from a television writer director to a film director today?

Raaj: From television to film, the journey was great. There’s a big difference between writing for television and writing fie films. My journey is not over yet and I’m enjoy it. There’s a lot more to come.

Q. You decided to direct this film before you wrote the script?

Raaj: I had decided to direct before narrating to Ekta and Ayushmann but while writing, I never thought of directing it. I planned to complete the script and making someone else to direct it but soon I completed writing, I decided to direct my film.

Q. What’s your next plan after this movie?

Raaj: I’m writing two three for Salman Khan Production and two more for Balaji Production and all are in comedy genres. So I hope my film goes well and I also hope that people will like my film and the performance played by the actors in this film as well.

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