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Interview : “I work on my instincts,” says Sridevi

Coming back to the big screen after a really long time, Sridevi is to be seen in the suspense thriller ‘MOM’ where she also shares the screen with the versatile actor Nawauddin Siddiqui. The star actress recently spoke with media throwing light on her upcoming movie.

On talking about the reason why she chose to do this film, Sridevi said, “It’s a very story on family subject. The reason why I did is because the relationship between mother and daughter, it really touched my heart. And I had a good feeling about the script and I work on my instincts.”


‘How does she choose her script?’ we wondered. To this, she said, “I am not a master about scripts, when you hear a subject, it moves it. Rest is everything on the director; he can make it a good subject. If you look at English Vinglish, it’s just a simple story about a woman trying to learn English, but the way Gauri handled it is commendable.”

“All that matter is how my children or my family reacts to my characters. My approach to selecting a movie is very simple, it should move my heart. I was not looking for a female oriented movie, it just came to me,” she further added.

Since we could not make out much from the trailer, we asked if it was a conscious decision to not reveal much of the story, replying to this, Sridevi confirmed, “It was the director’s choice to not reveal much of the movie perhaps that is why you can’t make out much from the trailer.”


She also spoke about how she discusses her work at home, she said, “I do discuss with my family while doing a family. While you do something nice, you’d like to at least have a talk about it with the family.”

Any advice to the daughter – “As a mother, I just want them to give their best and 100% percent. All these kinds of things that any other things that a mother gives a daughter.”

On the fan following she has, Sridevi said that she has worked hard for where she is and she is thankful to everybody to be receiving such love from her fans.
‘If not an actor, what would she be?’ a fellow journalist couldn’t resist asking. Sridevi revealed that she’d be a painter as she loves to paint.


Transcribed By – Paridhi Tripathi

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