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INTERVIEW : “I would love to do a grey shade character” Kartik Aaryan

His epic monologue has got every teen to laugh and relate. His comic timing and perfect sense of humor is what makes him the most lovable comic hero. Kartik Aaryan comes on screen with Paresh Rawal this time with the basic theme of an invited guest. He spoke to the media recently for this forthcoming movie ‘Guest in London’ and made quiet some revelations. Excerpts:


What drew you towards the film?

I have always been a fan of comedy films; I like family entertainers where you don’t have to think twice before taking your family. We have all watched such movies since childhood. Also, I always see the relativity factor in movies which was also in Punchnama, and it was the same in Guest in London. We all have a cousin or any relative who we wouldn’t have to come at our place, this connected me. Of course, the fact that I will get to share screen with Paresh Ji drew me towards the movie.

What is the underlining message?

These kind of movies always have underlying messages. Guest in London is of course a comedy film, but it gives the subtle message where you learn about family. It’s not preachy which might bore youngsters. Through the comedy, the message gets pretty clear when as the movie runs along.

Do you deliberately prefer comedy roles?

I don’t really select a role; I look for a relativity factor. It is just happening by chance that I get comedy films. Also the fact that Punchnama was a comedy film and with its success, scripts like that came my way. I want to look out for good scripts; I wouldn’t want to focus on any genre as of now. In fact my inclination has been towards an anti-hero role, I love grey shade characters and would really want to do one.


How was it to share screen with Kriti?

It was amazing. She reacts very well with the comic situations. I tend to improvise a lot during scenes and I didn’t know how would she react to this, but she picked up with this trait and I am glad she was a part of this movie, we bonded really well.

How was it like to work with Paresh Rawal?

I was a little nervous at first since he is a senior actor. But before actually the shooting began, we bonded really well. We would sit along and talk and by the time we started shooting, we were confortable with each other. I had never been to London and he of course has been there a lot of times, so he knew all the places. He would take me to new places every time we got a chance and I would almost feel like I am roaming around with my Babu Bhaiya.

Did you get to learn anything from him?

Yes, every day. He learns his scenes in just one reading and I would deliver it with such perfection that it would leave me in awe. He also would believe in improvisations and would shift his emotions with such an ease, all these things are definitely worth learning. I am really glad I got the chance to work with him and learn from him.


Would you like to say anything about your journey?

I come from a middle class family from Gwalior. I started watching a lot of movies in when I was 8th and 9th. By the time I was in 11th, I was certain I want to become an actor. I gave entrances for Mumbai College and somehow got through. I had to struggle for three years until I finally got my first break through Punchnama. My parents had absolutely no clue about my intentions, I told them about me wanting to be a hero when finally the contract of Punchnama was in my hand. That is how it started and i know there are many miles to go.

Taking this forward, as you have struggled a lot, do you thing the industry has nepotism?

Nepotism exists everywhere, I will not deny that. But what I also believe is hard work speaks for itself. You might get a start through having sources and contact but at the end if you do not work hard, no matter who you are, you will be forgotten easily. I have never really faced nepotism because the people that I worked with were also outsiders and thus, it never came my way.

You have always done family comedy, would you ever be interested in dark, quirky comedy?

Definitely, I lived Delhi Belly, I would want to do movies like that if such genre is what I enjoy. Apart from that, Dev D, Khosla Ka Ghosla, such movies catch my attention and I would love to do them.

How important are Box Office numbers to you?

Very important. I think a movie needs very good balance between critical acclaim and box office numbers. At least the distributers should earn and that faith helps the door to get open.


Your movie clashes with Bank Chor which also happen to be a comedy, are you stressful about it?

I have seen the trailers of that movie too and I wish them all the best. Despite both the movies being comedy, it is still different. I wouldn’t say I am pressured, I only hope both the movies do well and people laugh their hearts out this week watching our movies.

Written By – Paridhi Tripathi

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