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INTERVIEW: I’m not amateur, I’m a trained classical singer, Parineeti Chopra


Almost 900 days and 129 Fridays since her last release, Parineeti Chopra is gearing up for her return with Meri Pyaari Bindu opposite Ayushmann Khurrana. The last time she played a lead role was in 2014 in Kill Dil with Ranveer Singh. Parineeti talks about her movie in detail.

What is your character in the movie?

My character in the film is Bindu who is a irresponsible girl, I call her irresponsible because she is a flying bird who is very experimental and wants to try news things in life. She  is quite spunky and energetic. She is full of life which is why people likes to catch up with her, where in my case I’m completely different from Bindu, I’m more responsible and I’m very disciplined. I’m little more in control than Bindu is, but what I really share with Bindu is the passion for music. Bindu is obsessed with music and singing as much as me. Bahut acting karni pari, I’m not at all like her! There is a stark difference between me and Bindu, I’m a planner and I don’t take each day as it comes to me, I have to plan my day in advance  I’m more academically driven. I’m quite impulsive when I travel but otherwise I’m meticulous.

Was there any preparation you had to do for the film?

Actually, there were no preparations as such reason being, it wasn’t a theatrical. I didn’t have to learn acquire any special skills. Script was very well written. Everything was edged out really well. So, there was no any specific preparation.

Movie has some amazing retro tracks, its untouched and it has a essence of nostalgia. What do you have to say?

I was so happy while I was reading the script as I could see those songs were mentioned in the script that’s what attracted me the most. i have songs for every situation and for every person that I’m associated with, be it my family or my friends. The most special part was that I had to sing most of the songs that are there in the film.

Singers in India are now getting offended over the fact that actors are turning into singers and they are getting lesser importance than actors. What’s your take on this?

As a part of me being an entertainer, I will be entertaining in all sorts of ways. So, when I act, other actors should not feel offended, when I sing, other singers should get offended, when I dance, dancers should not feel offended or when I happen to do comedy, other comedians should not feel offended at all, So the list can go on and on. All these are interconnect ted and are apart of entertainment. You cannot really pick and choose as to what part of entertainment I  can do and which I cannot do. You cannot bifurcate it, because if it was such then my costume should be given to the models because i cannot wear them or my stunts somebody else should do, So it will never end. I feel everyone should coexist in the business of entertainment. Everybody should entertain in whatever way they feel comes with in them.

Singers in India show huge disappointment when bollywood actors are approached to sing with international artists, who come for concerts. How do you react to that?

Firstly, I’m not amateur, I’m a trained classical singer. if we talk about Aayushmaan, he is not trained but he has so many hit songs, you cannot label him as an amateur singer. This debate is only going around in circles and actually there is no right answer.

What was the reason for your long break?

I was genuinely going through some health issues which is why I had to see some doctors. I had to get my tests done to figure out what was wrong. I invested a lot of time into my health which I had neglected  for a very long time. Also, I had bought a new house, this was a dream of many years. I was busy adorning it the way I wanted so this took 9 months. Actually, my break was only 10 months because after that I immediately signed ‘Meri Pyari Bindu,’ and I started shooting soon after but obviously from shooting to release one more year passed. Also, I was busy shooting for ads and endorsements during that time also. it was only I took  a break from shooting a film for ten months. So, it was only a hype which was created, which is not  very surprising in today’s world.

Would you want to imbibe any trait from Bindu? Your character in the movie.

As I have already mentioned before, there is a stark difference between me and Bindu, I’m a planner and I don’t take each day as it comes to me, I have to plan my day in advance. I’m more academically driven. I’m quite impulsive when I travel but otherwise I’m meticulous. So, there is hardly any trait  which I would want to imbibe, if I wasn’t a singer, already then I would have  said singing. Bindu is completely the opposite.

What made you say yes to ‘Meri Pyari Bindu.’?

The reason I did Bindu was the nostalgia factor, it had a personal connect to me. I fell in love with Bindu’s character despite of the fact that we two are poles apart as a person.

The trailer was divided into five parts. Why was it broken into five parts and days respectively?

In this age of so much content out there, we thought it was a really innovative and new way of presenting a trailer. it was  genius of Manish and Akshay’s  and the marketing team at Yashraj who thought of this new way. similarly, the film is also like that its a chapter of different times in their life, So it was true to how different narrative of our film also unfolds. we have got an amazing response and people really liked and appreciated this new concept of launching trailer. If they have like the chapter, I’m quite sure they will definitely like the film.

Why do you hate being tagged as ‘Bubbly’?

I have a problem with the word, there is nothing like a bubbly person. Cola can be bubbly or champagne can be bubbly but you cannot use bubbly as an adjective for a person, you just cannot do that! its completely wrong. I will make sure that this term gets eradicated from the dictionary. (laugh)

You are making a singing debut with Meri Pyari Bindu?

It’s as simple as that, I love to sing and really wanted to sing. I wanted to do this professionally and  I found this beautiful song which suited my voice, so I sang. I’m a budding singer and I hope people will enjoy my song. Singing has always been my first love but ill do acting and singing simultaneously.

You are often compared with your sister, Priyanka Chopra. How do you feel?

Firstly, she is 17 years ahead of me in the career. There is no comparison at all. I mean there cannot be. She is an inspiration to and today she is an inspiration to every single girl in the world. She is such a brilliant actress apart from being an amazing sister, its a bonus for me. She is way ahead. She is doing it on international level, she is a global icon.




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