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Interview: Kajol: I’m very scared of my mother and I never gathered the courage to back-answer her or talk to her rudely!!!

One more comeback for Kajol with the upcoming love story between a mother and son, ‘Helicopter Eela.’ The film is all about the scenario of single-parenting and how a mother displaces her individuality and turns to be a over-protective and possessive mother. The film will hit the screens on 12th this month!

In an interaction with Cinespeaks, Kajol says…

Q. Ahead of shooting for ‘Helicopter Eela’ have you watched any films as a reference?
Kajol: No! I don’t like to watch films as a reference. I believe that what I enact should be absolutely my performance and not anyone else’s reference. I feel that my performance should base on purely my imagination.

Q. So what was the reason behind choosing ‘Helicopter Eela’ as it is you’re seen on-screen after years?
Well you can count it as my 27th comeback! I liked the script very much, I found it absolutely interesting. Besides the script, I liked the cast and crew of the film. I feel that the ones with whom you’re going to spend so many days should be an enjoyable experience!

Q. Are you a helicopter parent?
I’m not ‘Helicopter parent actually. I’m like a drone. I believe that in today’s generation, you’ve to give bit space to your children, but on the same notes you also need to have faith in them and need to teach them the difference between right and wrong. Because, nowadays children have an easy access to the web and they know several things and a certain age so they need to be aware of the correct and fatal.

Q. In any situation where in your kids go against you so how do you handle such situations as a parent?
There haven’t been any such situation where there is such a wide gap between our thoughts. As a parent I’m thinking something in a certain way and they’re thinking something different in their way as an individuals. Touch wood, my kids are that smart and understanding that they realize they can’t demand for something which is incorrect.

Q. How relatable are you to your character?
Eela is someone who is universally relatable character. Everyone either are in the situation of Eela, or they were in the similar situation or they feel they’ll be facing such scenario in near future. She’s a very relatable character which is not alien for any. I personally find it a fiction character. There have been several artists who were unable to get back to their work after a break. The story is all about that, in fact there’s a dialogue in the trailer which states that you are simply being my mother and you’ve totally faded yourself away. Usually parents and housewives do face such scenarios.

Q. Was your mother over protective regarding you?
Definitely not! My mom was an exact opposite of what Eela is. My mother is the most forward thinking woman. It takes an immense amount of courage to bring up your kid with so much of different situations to that of others. I still remember one saying of my mom. I was 12 at that time and my mother came to me and said that I’m going to turn 13 and now I’ll be a teenager so she won’t beat me or scold me. She wanted me to be responsible enough to know what’s right and what’s not. She said that now you’ve to apply all those values which I’ve thought you for twelve long years. If you go wrong then too it’s fine, I’m her to be your backup, I her to hold your hand when you’re about to fall. I’ve learnt so much from my mother and she’s the most incredible person of my life. I was afraid of my mother as well. I’m still afraid of her, I never managed to gather courage to back answer her. One more nostalgic memory which I recollect is, I was 16 when I happened to visit Canada for a shoot. I asked my mother to accompany me but she didn’t. She said that she’ll be visiting me after 30 days of shoot. She sent me alone because she wanted me to be independent. It is not at all an easy job to send your kid far away from you. I still can’t comfort myself when my kids are in a hostel in Singapore. I feel that something in the world is missing. I’ve that weird feeling in my mind all time I realize their absence.

Q. What all qualities you avoid to possess as a mother?
I try to avoid a few things, firstly never check anyone’s phone. It’s a major thing to remember. I always want to know but I resist myself from checking their phones. I try to be friends with my kids friends. I use my stardom at this point. I try to absolutely get benefited from my stardom in being friends with my kids friends.

Q. So as a person, are you trying to be like your mother to your kids?
I’m trying to. I don’t know, at times whether I’m as courageous as my mom is. She taught me everything what she preached in her life. Such lessons just can’t fade away with time, it stays back with you for the rest of your life. The simplest reason behind it is you know that your mother has also faced the same situation, it isn’t an alien like situation. I try to be as brave as my mother, as big as her. But with the changing times, I feel the style of parenting should also evolve. At some places I succeed to be the replica of my mother and at some places I fail.

Q. As a parent have you ever expected your kids to follow your footprints?
Not at all! I never even suggested my kids to join this glamorous Industry. It’ll be completely up to them whatever they wish to pursue as their career. Today, there are opportunities for anything and everything. A stupid and small thing like web designing, which earlier people used to do by sitting back home is a full-fledged company today. So I never even give suggestions to my kids. But I wish and hope that whatever they do for themselves they’ll do it in best possible way. And I wish them to be independent, I want them to spend their hard-cash. There is a wide difference between spending your own money and someone else’s money. But that’s all about the future, as of now she’s stressed as she’s in 10th and her exams are in the month of march so she wants to focus on that primarily.

Q. What’s your take on women empowerment?
When we talk about women empowerment, I feel the only who can bring up women empowerment is women themselves. Women are the one who bring up the next generation. As a mother, they shape the future of the individual, they can’t take any crap. So women should be proud and confident enough and then only they can bring the evolution of women empowerment.

Written by: Aakash Gala

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