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Interview: Kunal Khemu – ‘’I think that Comedy is like a joke that needs to be told right in a proper way’’.

Kunal Khemu today is one of the exceptional actors in bollywood today. As an actor he has always experimented with his characters and roles by performing them in different genres and he has been very critically praised and acclaimed for the same. He has been successful in creating a permanent niche for himself as a good actor in this super competitive bollywood film industry. Currently he’s gearing up for the release of his film Golmaal 4 on 19th October 2017.

Golmaal 4 is touted to be the film that is exploring the horror comedy genre in films so what is your take on that?

Actually to be frank there have been comedy films in past but not all of them have worked as I feel that comedy film is joke that needs to be told right in a very funny and humorous way as its effects are different on different set of people like some people would genuinely laugh but some would not think it was funny and some would give standing ovation while others would not understand what film is all about. So I think that it’s a right team that’s come together for this film like we’ve done comedy now let’s take horror in comedy film and mix it up into horror comedy but it’s not at all a real horror type of a film at all as its kids friendly film where you’ve to keep in mind that children are the big set of audiences to watch your film which identify with the characters so we have to present a film that’s suitable to all sorts of age groups.

Why is there an analogy with your previous film also that when you’re bringing something new you need to have big stars so that audiences accept them?

I don’t think that it’s for the audiences to accept but it’s for the bigger audiences it makes a difference as these big stars have a huge fan following so there’s already a fan base that’s ready to come to theatres to watch the film so I think the numbers make a difference as if it was a non-starrer film it would take its own time to go on and if released at a bad time then it might not get a chance to go on but with a big star you know it will get audience which will in 3 days either reject or love the film.

Your character in Golmaal 3 had poetic aspect to it so is it retained in this film as well?

Yes there are quite a few tit bits of it but in this film he doesn’t have too many of those muhaavraas as they are very few but there are a other set of quirks that we’ve incorporated into the character which you’ll get to know when you’ll see the film in theatres.

What’s just happening with ‘’Go Goa Gone 2’’ now?

Okay let me just clear the air so what’s happening now is that we’ve got green signal and intent from all parties involved that lets just do this and we’ll dedicate time and attention to doing this. But what kept us busy all this time was that Saif was doing Chef and the directors were shooting Gentleman and I was doing Golmaal 4 and with a baby on the way. Once all of this just ends I think post Diwali is the time when all of us will just sit down together and put timelines on this and then it’ll get official enough and right now we are in the nascent development stage for same with just ideas and stuff but only then will we all in a professional capacity be able to say that this is when it is starting, this is what story of film will be about and this is when we’ll release it.

Apart from this film is there any other film of yours that’s coming up?

No apart from this there’s just ‘’Go Goa Gone 2’’ and after that we’re co-producing the film which will be a biopic on Ram Jethmalani well that’s on the cards and also I’ve been writing so in a moth there’ll be some sort of an official announcement about that as well. So this is all the interesting stuff that’s happening right now.

So Kunal do you think that now with ‘’Go Goa Gone 2’’ it is a much better time for the film to be made and released?

Yes it was a very unchartered territory with Go Goa Gone (2013) and on top of that a zombie comedy was a whole new genre that we attempted to bring with this film. You know people who’d already known the franchise were not sure if the quality would be like what they expect so many people didn’t know what zombies and everything related to it was. So now I feel that over the years many people have watched this film and will understand the type of humour and genre that we’re attempting to bring to the audiences with this film so when people will go to watch ‘’Go Goa Gone 2’’ they’ll already just know what to expect from the sequel of the first film Go Goa Gone (2013) since they would have already just known the base of the film.

By Vrinda Mundara.

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