Director and writer Mudassar Aziz is all excited for his film “Pati Patni Aur Woh”. The kind of response film is receiving for it’s casting, trailer and songs is making everyone happy. Despite being stamped as a recreation of old classic, Pati Patni Aur Woh seems refreshing and quite modern film and the credit goes to director Mudassar Aziz. In an recent interaction with media he explained and cleared so many doubts about the film and you should not miss it…

Talking about his process of this film Mudassar Aziz opened up, “There’s a classic definition of a remake. This film is anything but not a remake at all. When Juno thought that he wanted to recreate this particular negatives from BR’s film, he came to me and i was superbly excited. But then I realised that the script of 1978 not gonna work in 2019. So i told Juno that, we cannot remake this film, we have to go with something else, we have to see the relation of Husband, Wife and the other woman in new sphere otherwise people are not going to find anything engaging about this film.”

Telling about the casting process the director revealed, “I write my own script so when i was writing i had faced in my mind and then realised that, in order to tell the story of a young married couple i was going to need young actors. I had attraction of going to Akshay Kumar because he’s very good in pulling these things off but then i realised if i am telling a story of young couple then i had to go with the young actors. The lead character had to look like 28 hence the idea of Kartik Aaryan came. After the first interaction i was clear that Kartik can pull it off. With Bhumi i knew she can do it easily but i told her that, you have to trust me because i am taking you in a territory which you have not been before. Ananya’s suggestion came from Juno and the kind of energy, the kind of enthusiasm she brings to the character, i knew she is going to nail it.”

The trailer of Pati Patni Aur Woh was loved by majority of audience but there was little backlash from some people and how the director deal with it? He said, “I laughed at it for two reasons. There’s a term in the English language that got coined centuries ago when guns came out and it’s called trigger happy. I think we belong to a generation which is finger happy. There’s something that’s come out, I have to react to it because i have fingers and i have a phone. This country is working because I’m reacting. If I don’t react then, this country would shut down. This is a part of the finger happy generation. This finger happy generation is not waiting to understand what is happening, what is the context of it. The trailer is good but they won’t write about it. The same person will be the first one to watch the film but typing out the issue is more important at that moment. The dialogue said is in what context, a person who thinks like that what happens to him and what is the result of it – should i watch it first and then pass a judgement? No. They have fingers and they will go and say it and it’s free.”

Adding more to it Aziz talked about the removal part too. “Coming to the removal part, we have to find, we have understand a slightly more collaborative way that on one side you are saying you want to create awareness but a filmmaker is not able to say the rape, in the film. But, you are talking about rape awareness. How are you going to do it then? If you don’t define it then how is it going to happen? On the other side if someone says the word Balatkar 25 times, you’ll laugh so much in the scene. Then someone wants to talk about something relevant, then you find this as a past time. That’s not how we should do these things. Otherwise, if we are doing such things, we need to talk about it so the future generation is aware. Today, a 12-year-old should know what is rape and even a 15-year-old should know the definition of consent backwards, according to me. Before touching another boy, or touching a girl, man woman or child, they should know what consent is. If you are not going to talk about it then we’ll stay in the caves as long as you want”, he signed off.

By :- Sameer Ahire.

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