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Interview: Pavleen Gujral – Being a Cop was tough character to play in Marzi.

Pavleen Gujral is the fame of Angry Indian Goddesses who was seen in Zee5’s webseries Parchayee, Amazon Primes Made in Heaven and will be seen in another webseries called Marzi on Voot. She talks about her journey from lawyer to an actress.

Q. What inspired you to quit law and to be a model?

Pavleen: I think I have always been drawn to showbiz. Though modelling wasn’t the aspiration . I always saw myself as an actor. The offer came to me by chance and I felt like exploring it so I went ahead. As one gate opened I kept moving in that direction. I got too busy with my modelling assignments so pursuing law took a back seat. Though the professional qualification helps me in the sense I have a broader perspective on life and multiple areas of interest.

Q. From a lawyer to a model and now actress how has your journey been?

Pavleen: It’s been a fresh experience every time. In my head I don’t have these self imposed restrictions as to what I can do and what I can’t. If the assignment resonates with me I will jump headlong. Acting is the best phase of my career and there is nothing better than expressing various kinds of emotions on screen and getting play different people. This is one profession that cannot bring monotony.

Q. Your debut experience with Angry Indian Goddesses? This is the movie which is loved by masses and made a hit to many awards.

Pavleen: Oh it was one learning experience and I enjoyed every moment of it. Right from making to the promotions. We were like a happy little tribe and did everything together. It felt like home away from home.

Q. After parchayee you played the role of journalist in Made In Heaven and now you will be seen in Marzi. Please tell us little about your character in Marzi how it is different from other roles you have played.

Pavleen: My character’ s journey throughout the series is a shocker , the ups and downs , the twists and turns in the whole series infact is something to watch out for . It was a tough character to play as it is a very intense one so I agree it took a lot from me to get into the skin of this character but that is exactly what I enjoy about acting – the process . I play a cop in the series who somehow gets entangled into the whole plot and what happens thereafter.

Q. How is your experience working on digital platform?

Pavleen: The platform is only means to an end. Be it web or celluloid – they are all screens and your job remains the same. But digital is a revolutionary platform for the simple reason that there is much more freedom in terms of content and easy access. You are literally entering people’s pockets and handbags and people watch you on the go. As a performer I feel many more stories are being told because of this platform.

Q. What do you like more films or webseries?

Pavleen: This is a tough call. Both. The lure of 70 mm can’t be ignored because it is the most powerful medium in terms of impact. You get captive audience and undivided attention but digital can bring variety and far more experimental.

Q. You are multi talented… being a lawyer you are an actor also a nutritionist. Before acting you were seen VJing. You never stop yourself exploring so what can we expect next?

Pavleen: Next ? ( Chuckles), I need to ask myself the question as well. I think I will be acting predominantly cause I feel I have not even scratched the surface. There is a long way to go. Anchoring VJing is also on the cards as it’s a direct connect with people and you get the feedback almost real time. I don’t have a career roadmap per set- just need to be enjoying the work that I’m doing.

By Rupal Purohit

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