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#INTERVIEW -“People come less with romantic scripts to me. ” Ajay Devgn.

Ajay Devgn has been there in the industry for the last 28 years. But not for once has the charm faded or reduced. In fact, it has only been uphill for Ajay. With a huge pool of successful films under his belt, Ajay aka ‘Singham’ of the industry has only grown from strength to strength. Be it action, suspense thriller or comedy, he nails it all. And now, the man is coming up with his next, ‘De De Pyaar De’ to tickle the funny bones of the audience.

Q. So Ajay, what did you like so much about the script of ‘De De Pyaar De’ ?
– The film is very new age kind of a film. It has strong women characters and the script is quite different as well. So everything put together, it is a complete entertainment.

Q. As an actor, how important it is to act your age on screen?
Ajay –
I obviously try my best to play my age on screen. The characters between 40-50 are the ones for this.. You won’t see me playing a 20/25 year old character.. Also nowadays with change in audience, roles of our ages are getting accepted which wasn’t the case earlier. Earlier like say 20/30 years back, it would be the same thing where the hero romances a young girl, dances with her etc and that would be it. Now things have changed.

Q. Why haven’t you done enough romantic movies? Most of your films are action oriented but some of your romantic films have worked before. Like ‘Dilwale’,  ‘Diljale’,  ‘Pyaar Toh Hona Hi Tha’. So why not?
Ajay –
Actually it’s not my decision, to be honest people come less with romantic scripts to me. Some of them I don’t like and hence I don’t do it.. Some which I have liked, I have done them. But primarily, a lot of romantic scripts don’t come my way.

Q. You have worked a lot with Tabu and you both know each other since a long time. Does that help?
Ajay –
Well of course. There’s a great bond and understanding. We can say anything to each other and work amicably. Henceforth, it definitely does help.

Q. How was your experience working with Rakul Preet?
Very nice. The script of the film was such that it needed a performance which had a lot of depth and given that part, she has definitely done a fantastic job.

Q. In this film, the Director is the Editor of the film.  So was that different?
Ajay –
Not really. He didn’t behave like an editor. Like any other director, he took extra shots and then cut it.

Q. What do you think is the biggest challenge for mainstream cinema now that the audience has changed?
Ajay –
Well, earlier we used to 7-8 films because somehow they used to work. But now a not so good film won’t be appreciated. Hence it is about working on film at a time and entirely focussing on it.

Q. What is the future of OTT platforms according to you? Will we see you as an actor in there soon?
Ajay –
As an actor, I don’t know. Maybe yes maybe no. But as a producer, yes. And as far as the future of OTT is concerned, it will stay and so will cinema. I mean you can’t be staying at home 24/7 and watching digital. You will want to go out. An average Indian family likes to go out for movies or dinner.. So cinema and ott both will stay.

Q. Ajay, till what age do you think you can do action? Akshay recently said that he will do it till 56.What about you?
See when we were in our 30’s, we used to think we will do it till our 40’s. Then in 40’s we decided to do till 50’s. (Hahaha) It’s difficult to tell. Everyone is getting physically fit. Physically, I feel like 25 even now.. So can’t time comment on an exact time frame.

Q. Ajay, it’s been 20 years of your marriage with Kajol. How has the journey been?
Ajay –
Well, it’s different for every couple. She has been way and I have been my way. But the most important thing is that we have been there for each other whenever required and have been through thick and thin.

Q. Is 2019 going to be a very busy year for you?
Ajay –
Well yes to an extent.. But as far as release is considered, I only have ‘Taanaji’ coming next this year.

Q. Akshay had a hit with ‘Kesari’ recently. Did you feel bad that it was on a subject which you were supposed to do?
Ajay –
No why will it feel bad. It was an amicable call that I won’t make that film. So why will it feel bad? I am happy Akshay got it nicely.

Q. Do you believe in awards?
Ajay –
No I don’t attend awards and I don’t believe in them either. The only awards that I believe in are the National Awards and I am happy I have 2 of them.

Q. What made you say yes to Luv Ranjan’s next? You are there with Ranbir in it?
It’s the script. Just the script. It’s a fabulous script and yes Ranbir is there with me in it.

Q. You have a huge mass following because of your action films? When do we see you doing that?
Ajay –
See, I don’t know what a mass action film is. Action film? Yes I know and I do it. Like even Totaal Dhamaal was an action film. It was liked by both the mass and the class. The idea is always to keep both of them happy because we make films for everyone.

Q. Many of the other stars are getting into Television. When will we see you doing that?
Not as of now. See they do come up with concepts but the thing is I don’t like them. How can you do something which you don’t like personally? The concept has to be really spectacular to be able to do it. Otherwise it’s too much of a time and effort.

Q. Mention two of your favorite all time romantic movies?
Ajay – 
Titanic and ‘The Notebook’.

Q. Have you started working on the football biopic?
Ajay –
  No, I will be on it from the month of July.

Q. Earlier, actors could do anything in a film and get away with it. But now the scene has changed because the audience has changed. What’s your take on it?
Ajay –
  Well it’s good. It is definitely kee hs on our toes too. So we can’t afford to be lazy at all. We have to keep pushing and moving.

Q. Ajay, regarding the MeToo movement, many have decided to not work with the accused… the likes of Sajid Khan and others. What’s your take on it?
Ajay – 
See that’s the difference. It’s about accused and proven guilty. If someone is proven guilty, definitely not. But if someone is just accused, it becomes a very dicey situation as it can go both ways. See, I don’t know what is happening in whose personal life. So for us, it’s very difficult to judge. But yes, if someone is proven guilty, definitely not.

Q. Who are your favorites among the younger crop of actors?
Ajay –
Ranbir, Ranveer etc everyone..They all are good today and they have all come prepared which is the best thing.

Q. Last but not the least, what has your 28 years experience in the industry taught you?
(Laughs) Nothing. Just when you feel you have experienced it all, something comes up and you are like ‘Na, yeh toh mujhe nahi pata tha.’ So it’s about still being on your toes and still taking everyday as a new day and never stop learning.


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