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Interview: Radhika Aapte: I never have enough of good directors, I wish to work with Anurag Kashyap on a full length film!!!

Radhika Apte has delivered several recognized performances this year, including PadMan featuring Akshay Kumar and several Netflix orignals like Sacred Games. She is geared up for one more great film, AndhaDhun featuring Aayushman Khurana as her co-actor. We had an interaction with Radhika and she answers several interesting questions.

When we asked her about her experience working with Sriram Raghvan for the second time after Badlapur, she says “I barely got to work with him in ‘Badlapur,’ I didn’t receive a huge screen space. I never have enough of good directors. I worked in the ‘Chokher Bali’ story in Anurag Basu’s interpretation of Rabindranath Tagore stories and it was an incredible experience that I want to repeat.”

When we asked her views of roping up to work with Anurag Kashsyap,, She quipped, “I’d love to form a team with with him but he is fond of Richa Chadda as he has several films which features her. I have just three short films with him and would love to do a proper film and spend two months of time at least along with him, shooting for a full-length film!”

If we check histories, we will discover that she has played several characters which are dark, but we haven’t seen her in a happy role and this could be her first. We threw a question relatable to our thought and to which she answers, “That’s not true, you know. I play a happy girl from Pune in the film, which is all I can reveal now!”

When we asked Radhika about her experience working on such an unique film like AndhaDhun and asked her experience working with Co-stars she briefs, “AndhaDhun was a terrific script that has a twist every five minutes or so. Also, it was superb working with Ayushmann, whose choices are phenomenal always, and with Tabu, whose work I have grown up on and who is superb fun on sets.”

Despite all this good films and web series on her way, she recently remark that she was dissatisfied with things. On which we asked for her clarification and she says, ‘I did not say that at all! I just said that I want to do much more good work and that I am not satisfied as yet! I get both praise as well as criticism, and I take the latter more seriously, just because I have any way have a problem with appreciation. I am always intimidated to perform a character, and never feel I will sail through. Everybody fails. You need to be open to failure, or you may not try different things. It is okay to fail.”

Does she think that she has benefited from her first big film, “Pad Man” in any way? “I don’t know!” was her candid reply. “I must have, right? But as I said, the film was brought forward. So I was away at that time, shooting for ‘The Wedding Guest.’ But yes, when I am flying Economy, and they ask me to come to the other class, I feel I must be getting somewhere!” she grinned.

Does she change her pitch with roles, genres or directors? “It’s all about understanding the role,” she answered thoughtfully. “Like, I feel unnatural and different when I enact a song and ask myself, ‘Is this really me?’ But yes, the pitch does have a difference.”

When we asked her what kind of films she personally prefers to watch, she instantly replied, “I never missed any of Aamir Khan’s films! Then I shifted to Shah Rukh Khan movies. After I was introduced to world cinema, I watched a lot of films indeed. And today, we make such a great variety of films here.”

When we asked her about genre she would like to try out still, she amswers, “A subtle comedy!”

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