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Interview: Riddhi Sen: Personal space is something which is essential in every relationship. So it in a mother-son relation!!!

Shoojit Sircar’s Helicopter Eela which is about to release after getting postponed once. The film revolvers around the unique story of a mother and son. The film starring Kajol, Riddhi Sen and Neha Dhupia will be releasing on 12th October.

Meanwhile we had an interaction with Riddhi Sen, in which he says…

Q. From the trailer its clear that the film revolves around the story of a relationship between a mother and son. But why the title is Helicopter Eela?
The term helicopter parenting was tossed recently on social platforms. The term defines that the parents are over concerned about their children and always surround them like helicopters. The term is derived for such parents who poke into the lives of their children. In the film, Eela’s character is on the same derivations and hence we decided the title as Helicopter Eela.

Q. Your real mother is relatable with that of your reel mother?
Not at all! It’s completely opposite here, I was the helicopter son to my mother. My mom is super cool, she supported me in my entire nurturing process. She was the one who made me realize that acting is a subject, even this needs proper education and i need to devote time over here as well. She has been super liberal to me. I became helicopter son, I used to keep calling her, tracking her location and status constantly. The rules reversed in real life than in reel one!

Q. What was the best moment on the sets of Helicopter Eela.
The entire film is a memorable one! Working with Shoojit Sircar is a blessing in itself. He is an incredible filmmaker and his contribution to Bollywood is extremely vital. Besides being the best director, he has the heart of gold, he has been so supportive to me and to everyone on sets. The vibes which i used to receive is really positive.

Q. The film is all about a mother who is constantly poking into the life of her son. On a personal level, what’s your take on that?
Personal space is something which is required in any relationship. Be it husband or wife, be it brother and sister. Here in the single parenting, the bond between mother and son gets really close. It’s like us against the world, so the bond is really close. And in such situations, either the son gets really responsible or gets completely carried away. Normally, in such situations parent help their child to grow and in return child helps his parent to grow. This should be the current situation. We normally look up to them as parents only, we never realize them as human beings, even they’ve personal problems and even they can commit mistakes. Here, Vivan is asking Eela to live her life as a human being, and not only as a mother. The film is like the love story between the mother and the son.

Q. How responsible are you as a son and what kind of bond do you share with them?
I don’t know how responsible I’m as a son. But the bond which I share with my parents is incredible. More or the less, I share every single thing with my parents which I share with my friends. I’m very relatable to the character I’m playing in the film. I never give them the tag of parents, I always see them as human beings, and as my best friends.

Q. As your parents are celebrated actors in Kolkata, so was that the reason of pursuing acting as a profession?
Not actually! My parents are celebrated actors who work in movies as well as theater. It was my conscious decision of perusing this profession as being someone else fascinated me. Living the life of a character interests me. So as I completed my 10th examinations, my parents decided that I should build the profession in acting and should devote more and more time in learning the art of expression.

Q. Supposedly if your parents turn to be over-protective regarding you, start poking into your personal affairs then how would you react as a person?
It depends upon the age group. I genuinely feel that today, every kid and every parent should interact with each other. We’re so busy with your social handles that we actually don’t spend time with our parents and families. In the modern era where the kids have accessibility over the web, parents should interfere at a certain extent just to guide their kids what is write and whats not. So I feel that sometimes interference is necessary. So in 2018, for a parent to be protective is necessary. But there is a very thin line between being protective and being possessive, so one should keep that into consideration.

Q. You’ve worked for both, regional cinema as well as Bollywood cinema, so what you enjoy doing the most?
Nowadays, the line between regional cinema and main-stream cinema is fading. This year, it was the regional cinema who received several academy awards. Even the award which I received was for regional cinema only. And the major difference which I discovered was that of economy only. Main-stream has high budgeted films whereas regional have low-budgeted. But as far as the quality of films is concerned, there are both, good films as well as bad films in both the cinemas.

~Written by: Aakash Gala

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