Rohit Shetty, the most uncomplicated person in the film industry who is all about work. And with whom every top actor wants to work with. He is the highest paid director in B-Town today. Every film that he does leaves its imprint, ow he is back with Ranveer Singh and Sara Ali Khan in Simmba.

Q. How did you think about this film?
It took 5 months to make this movie. We saw a movie Temper, it had an interesting character. So I wanted to portray that character in a story, because we already had made Singham which has a honest cop. But this is a very different cop, dishonest but lovable. I told this idea to Ranveer while we were shooting for an ad, he said yes to it. And it all started there. Every director makes a film, and what is special in that film will be decided by the audience.

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Q. Is it that Singham became Simmba but with a little dishonesty?
this speculation will go on for a while. While we were making Singham, everyone said it’s like Dabangg. So all this is going to happen, everyone has their own speculations and point of view. This is Singham’s universe where one kid is bought up as a corrupt character. If it would have been an honest officer like Singham, it would become repetitive and boring. Here the character is very interesting and the story line is very different. The thought here for the name Simmba comes if Singham, a lion has a cub, it will be called Simmba so that’s the logic here as it all belongs to the Singham universe.

Q. Why did you mix these characters?
This caused many speculations also. In the promo we showed Ajay as he is the narrator of the film.

Q. Why did you approach Sara Ali Khan?
Nobody approached me for Sara, she approached me herself. I told Karan if we make a film it would get completed in 4 months and would release before Kedarnath and that would be wrong. Next day Abhishek Kapoor called me to say let’s take Sara, so that’s when Sara happened. He took the initiative for her role. So then I called Sara for the same.

Q. How is Sara an actor?
It’s full commercial, a typical heroine. I always tell her that she’s lucky, she impressed Kedarnath type of audience also and now this also. I always wanted Kedarnath to release before Simmba. She used to always ask me will you put my name as ‘launching Sara’, but for me it was ethically wrong, that credit should be Abhishek Kapoor’sand Kedarnath’s. As a young actor, she’s very talented and lucky that within 25 days she has two big releases of different genres.

Q. How do you select your next heros?
Selecting other heros than Ajay Devgan is never an issue, I always discuss everything with him. He’s my elder brother. Simmba wouldn’t be possible without him so he knew what we were doing.

Q. What was the reason behind this theme of the film related to women’s safety?
Simmba’s first 45mins is typical Rohit Shetty film with music and dance but after that the film takes a turn. Because we’re dealing with a serious issue. Then the movie is wholesomely about that issue. Then there is no comedy, it a responsibility to show this issue properly. When me and team were seeing the final cut, everyone said this time you made a women oriented action film. I’m waiting for audience’s reaction.

Q. Did you and Ranveer discuss anything for the film to look different?
Cop films can never look too different. They have a hero and a heroin. He will only use Jeep and not a Mercedes. Speculations are going on regarding the cop film but not regarding the story of the film.

Q. How does Rakesh Sir react to you films?
Rakesh sir came to me after watching Singham returns and said he is really proud to be the Commissioner of the city.

Q. How do you think showing a dishonest actor will affect children’s point of view?
The hero’s character will change after a point, we can’t show the hero negative through out. It’s an anit-hero but he changes after few incidents.

Q. Did Ranveer enhanced your vision of Simmba?
Yes, he enhanced it 1000%. He has taken this character and the whole film to a different level. His performance in the serious scenes actually gives you goosebumps.

Q. What do you think about the clashing of Zero and Simmba?
There is no clash as such. I, Shah Rukh Khan and Karan Johar sat together and decided the dates to release our films so that it’s not on the same day. Aanand Rai is such a great director and his movies are so great that Zero will earn a lot in the first week itself.

Q. You’re also working in Fear Factor, does that in any way influence your films?
No, that’s a totally different.

Q. How are you going to plan out the future films based on Golmaal, Singham and Simmba?
It all depends on the story. I don’t over think about it. And people won’t forget about Golmaal. The theory is, a kid who was 5 when Golmaal was released would be a teen today, he will be attached to the film because that’s his childhood memory and a teen at that time would be an adult today who would want to watch the film and his kid would also. So that’s a cycle in itself.

Q. How was it working with Ranveer on the first day of shoot?
: It was amazing. It was great working with him and I think this collaboration would go for years now. Great energy and great actor but the most important thing is, he is a great human being. He is like a kid with a clean heart.

Q. Any plans with Ram Lakhan?
No immediate plans with Ram Lakhan.

Q. Your movies are a mass entertainer with relevant subjects, how do you feel about that?
ROHIT: I feel happy, that all the movies have turned out really well. For us, Simmba is a complete package but for audience we don’t know.

Q. How content are you by working by senior actors as well as young and new actors?
I’m very content because I think I’m quite lucky for my career graph and for the audience’s love. I feel blessed and I don’t take all this for granted, I work hard for all this. The most important thing is to be honest with your work.

Q. Actors feel that to work with Rohit Shetty, you’ve to cross one mark. How do you feel about that?
I feel pressurized but also lucky that people want to work with me. I feel blessed. It’s not that I’ve made Mother India, but still people like you, is a big thing.

Q. Which movie would you choose? Singham or Simmba?
Answering this is not that difficult as I’ve put Ajay in Simmba. So there’s no tension, I’d choose both. Some movies are very close to your heart and this is one of them. And I want people to see the movie.

Q. What do you want to say about the success of the songs released?
The song was fully produced by Karan. I don’t want to take credits for it.

Q. There are many actors who want to work with you but are there any particular actors you want to work with?
I really want to work with Amitabh Bachchan sir but can’t find a suitable story for them.

Q. Recently big films are not doing so well do you feel anything about it?
Films are films. Sometimes small film does well sometimes big films. Its a phase. Its a journey in the industry and I can’t always be under that pressure.Making all commercial movie is very difficult. It’s a sad thing people look down upon it.

Q. Any other director you think you who makes a hardcore commercial film?
I don’t know about commercial film but Rajkummar Hirani makes good movies.

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