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Interview: Saif Ali Khan: Baazaar is the film in which I’ve gave my best performance till date.

Gauravv Chawla’s Baazaar is on the verge of hitting the screens. The film featuring Saif Ali Khan, Radhika Apte, Rohan Mehra and Chitrangada Singh in the lead is scheduled to hit the screens on 25th this month. Meanwhile we had an interaction with Saif Ali Khan.
In an interview with Cinespeaks, Saif says…

Q. What is Baazaar for Saif Ali Khan?
Saif: Bazaar is a dramatic film With a genuine setup, thanks to Gauravv, he has not arranged a glossy world. So on the film, I’m playing a character of a Gujarati guy who has got lots of brain, who has earned lots of money, who is holding a massive power in the industry. So my character in the film is Interesting as well as complex. The film is set in the Backdrop of Bombay, its not Mumbai. The film is all about money, power and so on. What money means to a Businessman, what does it mean to a middle-class man, what does it mean to a wife. The film is all about revolving power and position. The crew was amazing to work with. The starting background score of the film will make you realize that you’re watching something which has got weight and depth. The narration is slow in the beginning and then it gets fast, which will pull you in.

Q. What does money means to you?
Saif: Money for me is security, enjoyment, security of family, a quality of life, escape etc. Its surely not the most important thing for me, there arw friends, family, love which overpower the importance of money in my life. I’m not certain about money, I’m an adjustable person. I’ve lived in flats, on palaces and in rented apartment also. I’m fine with adjustments. You give me a book and a lamp by my bedside I’m happy with that, you offer me a plasma TV or a small TV, I’m happy watching that as well. Thanks to my parents who’ve put that quality in me.

Q. Do you miss your palace living?
Saif: Not at all. I feel there should be a change in life. Right now I’m living in a small flat, I’ve a terrace flat as well but I enjoy living in small flat where my kid is next door. In palaces, the length from one room to the other is same as the entire flat in which I’m living in right now. So sometimes when I return from my palace, I’m like oh! Its finished. I miss my palace because it’s my home. My dad is buried there.

Q. We came to know that you used to sing Gujarati poems on sets, is that true?
Saif: Yes it is. I’m obsessed with new language, especially Gujarati. So it was like tuned in my head for days. So I’m trying to be normal at home but now also at times I spill up few Gujarati words.

Q. So in last a year there’s lot more exciting happenings in your life, are you enjoying this space?
Saif: Yeah I’m enjoying it. When I look at the pictures in my cell, I realize that I’m keeping busy tjese days, I’m spending time with family, I’m travelling, I’m on sets of Sacred Games, I’m doing some films, I’m having this weird look for a particular character. So it’s amazing to be involved. I remember three yeara ago, we were dreaming of working in Hollywood, but in these years, Bollywood has leveled up its level and position. Bahubali has changed the concept of filmmaking and has leveled up the idea. Then there is Taanaji happening. Right now we’ve these different types of characters which are interesting to watch.

Q. There are several characters with whom you experimented but didn’t work out like Omakara and kaalakandi. So how do you take it as an actor.
Saif: Omkara was not an experiment. It was a film based on Shakespeare with all mainstream actors in it. It wasn’t an experiment. Talking about kaalakandi, it is an artistic film which less amount of commercial elements in it. So even if this doesn’t work I’m fine with it. I was trying to deliver a good cinema and I personally liked the film.

Q. What’s your take on drainage of Distribution of films?
Saif: I never thought about it. I’ve said it earlier as well, Tje culture extends from Europe to almosy India is western in their thoughts, the Christian culture. And the culturw from India to the south, Iran, Iraq, Morrocco and spain have different culture. So Indian films are loved there. Even China liked our films. So if we concentrate on distribution rights, Then it could be a huge industry soon. Also films not working these days because producers don’t spend any efforts advertising it. They keep everything on actors. Why the people will listen to an actor? No actor will ever say that his film is not good, and Indians are not dumb. I personally like my performance in Baazaar, I consider it as one of my best performances so far. This is very realistic unlike Race, where anyone can kill you, it’s realistic.

Q. Baazaar has a great plot but an unusual backdrop of Share market so what’s your take on that?
Saif: It’s not about share market, it’s about money. Its a drama film like the rest of drama films we’ve. One simply doesn’t need to understand sharemarket to understand the film. It’s about crossing lines in a financial way.

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