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Interview – Salman Khan – “Producing a film is more painful.”

Our very own Dabangg – Salman Khan who has produced and acted in so many films is also known for launching budding actors. Recently, he produced Loveyatri in which he introduced Aayush Sharma and Warina Hussain. His new film Notebook is all set to hit the screen this Friday in which newcomers are Pranutan Bahl (daughter of Mohnish Bahl) and Zaheer Iqbal.

Q. Salman, Have you seen the original Thai movie – Teacher’s Diary?

Salman – The plot is same but we can not make a Thai film in Hindi so we did a lot of work. We have changed the backdrop of the love story as it is Kashmir based. Whole film is shot in Kashmir, so keeping everything in mind, we have weaved a beautiful movie.

Q. What was your input while this script was written?

Salman – The script was actually offered to me but now my image has changed and I don’t fit into such roles. When Subhash Ghai ji came to me with ‘Yuuvraj’,  I said I want to do Hero. He said I don’t want to do Hero. Then we launched Sooraj in Hero. There is nothing like we launch actors with scripts which are already there with us. But the fact is films which I wanted to do but couldn’t do it because my image has changed and the film needed a new couple. So after auditioning, we thought to launch these actors seeing their acting skills and not because they are star kids. Infact I had seen acting of Pranutan Bahl somewhere and called up Mohnish and said why is doing law she should do acting.

Q. What is one piece of advice you would like to give to budding actors?

Salman- Stay out of trouble

Q. Which one is your favourite song in the movie?

Salman – Bumbro

Q. What do you enjoy more? Producing a film or acting in it?

Salman – I enjoy both. Producing a film is more painful because you need to keep hands on everything.

Q. Is there a chance that we see you as a director in future?

Salman – I wanted to start my career with direction but that didn’t happen.

Q. You spoke about image changing. So is it a pre conceived notion that not to go into that line ? Also on the same basis, you are selecting the scripts right now like Dabangg and not any typical love stories?

Salman – No, every film has love story. Even Dabangg has a beautiful love story. Till the time you don’t have love story in a film that fit, it won’t work. So love story is a must in a film is what I believe.

Q. Do you take Salim Sir’s input?

Salman – He knows every script. Every film we do, we discuss and explain the plot to him and then we make him watch till the end. Then he gives his input like what should be added or should be cut short. He points out the changes.

Q. Do you have a wish that Salim sir should write a script?

Salman – I want him to write but he doesn’t wish to. I hope somebody convinces him for writing.

Q. When the shooting of the film had started did the actors came up to you to seek any advice?

Salman –  No, they give me advice.

Q. This movie is about teacher so is there any of your favourite teacher whom you still look up to or still in contact?

Salman – Father Henry, who has lost his eyesight and is a priest now, lives in Mazgaon. I am still in contact with him. Another is Dsouza teacher. There are many teachers who are still in touch. My favourites were the ones who beat me the most because I have learnt from most from them and because of them I am here today.

Q. You are known for launching newcomers, so is there anything which you see in those new comers?

Salman – I always notice one thing that there has to be a double look for that person, this is what I had learnt since childhood. When you walk in a room everyone should look at you. My father taught me this. So I see all the things as a child I didn’t had but these actors has, they walk in a place and they make me notice that.

Q. From the film industry, whom do you consider as your tutor?

Salman – My father, actually more then him I consider my mother as my tutor. Learnt skills like scripting and all from father as inheritance. There are only 3 things in scripting that it has to be morally, ethically and principally correct.

Q. Have you been approached for anything on digital platform?

Salman – Yes I was approached but to produce my content it is going to be hum aapke hai kaun types.

By Rupal Purohit

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