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Interview: Sanya Malhotra: Vishal sir helped me rehearse the lines during the audition, which is one of the most memorable moment of my life!!!

Vishal Bharadvaj’s Pataakha starring Sanya Malhotra and Radhika Madan as a lead is based on Charan Singh Pathik’s short story, Do Behnein, it revolves around two sisters, Badki and Chhutki who grow up in a small village in Rajasthan and are constantly at war but when marriage separates them, they realize they can’t seem to live with or without each other.

Meanwhile, We had an impressive interaction with Sanya Malhotra!
In an interaction with Cinespeaks, Sanya says…

Q. How did you manage to break eyes with Radhika? How was the experience working with her?
When I first met her, I never thought that we would be such great friends. She was totally an extrovert person, whereas I’m more like an introvert person. I thought either she would be pissed off by me else I’d start getting irritated by her. But as we continued to meet, I discovered that there are so many similarities within us. And somewhere it was necessary to form a bond. We are typical rival sisters on-screen, so if we don’t had a bond off-screen as well then viewers might not observe our chemistry. But I’m grateful that we’re really close now.

Q. Earlier in Dangal and now in Pataakha, in both the movies, you were seen fighting with your elder sister. So does both the movies seem relatable to you?
Not at all! Dangal was a completely different story, Pataakha is a totally different concept. In Dangal, we had actual fights, I was fighting like a professional, and that too not with my sister. In Pataakha, I’m fighting with my sisters, we’re like thirsty for each others blood. In addition to that, it is not a technical fight, we’re either slapping each other, or kicking each other or pulling the hairs. Pulling each other’s hairs was a difficult scene as well, as it is I was wearing a wig, so I was supposed to manage that as well while fighting. While hearing the narration, I was experiencing mix emotions. I was crying, I was laughing, I was smiling because, it has a complete different story altogether which will somewhere down the line, inspire you as well.

Q. How much efforts you poured on a personal level to get into the character?
I poured lots of efforts, as it is I’m no where close to my character, Chhutki. Firstly I wanted to get out of my comfort zone to get into Chhutki’s character. We attended several workshops, heard several readings, went to Charansingh’s village, the writer of Two Sisters. On village, we performed each and every activity which the villagers used to do. The major part which helped us get into the character was the makeup, costume and our hairs. It literally helped us dive into the skin of our character. We have performed four stages of life, childhood stage, teenage, marriage stage, after marriage life. I can say that we’ve actually lived the life of our characters to the fullest. So in every stage, our looks are getting evolved, our weight is varying. In first half we’re normal, in second half we put on weight. When i cracked the auditions and was about to get on board, the first question asked by Vishal sir was I need to put on weight. He said if I’m fine with putting on weight than I can work on this project, and as a director I trust him. It was a no brainer for me, in the previous film, I shaved off my head, so gaining 10 KGs of weight is nothing. He is a brilliant director to work with.

Q. Working with Vishal Bharadwaj is a dream for many, so how was your experience when you first got to know that you’re working with him and who was the first person you shared this news with?
I remember, I was shooting for Badhai Ho in Delhi when I received a call from my manager saying that Vishal sir is doing such a film and he wants me to audition for it. So I prepped myself up for the auditions, but nowhere I was expecting that I’ll be a part of this film. I gave the auditions in a hope that he’ll like my performance and he might sign me in his next film. Even the most memorable moment which I recollect, It was my birthday when I was auditioning for Pataakha, Vishal sir himself came to me and rehearsed the lines with him, which was a great moment for me. A director like him, who has a huge name in the industry is rehearsing lines with an actor that too in an audition process. The same night, I received a message from him appreciating my audition and offering me the role. So I was at home that time so I shared the news with my parents.

Q. How was the experience working with a phenomenal actor like Sunil Grover?
until Grover is the wittiest person I ever have come across to. He has so many different thoughts going on in his head. He just can’t be blank. Even if there’s a serious discussion going on, there will be some or the other jokes going on in his head, and his simple smile will make us realize that something humorous is on its way to hit us hard!

Q. After making the debut with such a gigantic film like Dangal, was there any pressure to choose your second film?
Not at all. I was grateful to be a part of Dangal. I never imagined that it’d be such a hit! I never take up that pressure of choosing my second film. I always wanted to be an actor, since I was a kid, and after doing Dangal, I accomplished my desire. And it was great working with Aamir Khan, Fatima Sana. There were several people who keep on telling me that I should sign some movie, but I believed that good things take time. And it is not that I was idle, I was doing some photo-shoots, and was waiting for some good script to jump into.

Written by: Aakash Gala

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