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Interview: Shahid Kapoor: What I personally pursue is being a student is better than being a teacher, learning is a process according to me which should keep going, if you don’t learn then you can’t develop yourself!!!

Shree Narayan’s, Batti Gul Meter Chalu is on the verge to hit cinema’s. The film basically is a story of a person whose best friend commits suicide. The incident shake him from his core. He decides to fight back with the people who were responsible for his death. And those people were none other than government officials who handle electricity supply of the area. There is a courtroom scene filmed in the movie. The film staring Shahid Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor, Yami Gautam and Divyendu Sharma is releasing on 21st September, 2018.

Meanwhile we spotted Shahid Kapoor and had a brief interaction regarding the film.

Q. What made you sign this film as you are very choosy when it comes to signing a script?
I feel that every actor is in a way choosy enough in selecting a script. I feel that time has changed, it doesn’t matter how many movies an actor is doing, all it matter is how well that movie does. And in today’s time where media and social platforms are ruling from the front, actors are aware that the expectations are high and with higher expectations, criticism is way too high. I generally give my whole and soul to just a single movie and try to give my best to one movie at a time. What exited me for doing this film fundamentally was the theme. Electricity is am issue which is very relatable. And the major concept is privatization, which is in power in rural as well as urban areas. And the more interesting fact was the freshness of the film, concept is undoubtedly a new one but besides, my character is fresh. I haven’t played any such character in my entire career. Viewers may not like my character in beginning, that’s a disclaimer. He isn’t a typical classy cool guy, he is a roadside local guy who might feel annoying to a typical urban person. He is apparently a lawyer, but you can’t take him seriously as a lawyer. I’m glad that this film fall in my way, as the concept is really meaningful. After the introduction of privatization, there are several citizens who deals with this situation, where the consumption on electrical energy is less and bills which they pay are way too high. Electricity should be considered as a fundamental right, it’s a necessity of the hour, and for such pivotal right, we’re made to pay so much. And there is no place where one can get himself heard. It’s like you’re facing a wall, even I faced such problems before becoming an actor. So that’s the reason I’m grateful to be part of this meaningful and at the same time entertaining film.

Q. How was the experience working with Shree Narayan?
It was fantastic! He is so encouraging as a director, and so knowledgeable at the same time. The world which he has created, the melee which he imagined and the dialogues are fabulous. There are several different types of words which one might have not even heard before, which adds a comic to the film. So it was an impressive experience.

Q. The trailer of the film is crystal clear, there is no surprise element left. So what do you think could be the reason?
There are two types of approaches which filmmakers have in their head before putting the first trailer out. One is creating curiosity by not revealing the exact edge out and the other is opening up your exact content that what the film is all about. I’ve worked with both type of approaches, and in the recent past, the response was in favor of crystal clear content. Shree Narayan wanted that audience should know what the film is all about, they should not be mislead by hiding the edges of the film. Most of the times, the trailer and story is not clear, which results in high expectations of viewers and when they watch the film, they find that it’s not the way we expected it to be. Now, people know what BGMC is all about. And it’s like having two different concepts in one film. In the first half, there is the perspective of emotions, fun, friendship, love, life etc. Whereas its in second half where the film drives you to the social issue. Second half is a courtroom drama. And besides, there are several fresh values which will keep the audience engaging.

Q. How was the shooting process for the courtroom scene?
I was told not to prepare anything because I shouldn’t look like a professional lawyer. Yami went through several preparations and she nailed her role. While filming courtroom scene, we shot it in long chunks. We by hearted 7 to 8 pages of dialogues in one go. Because shooting for a courtroom drama, it should have a candid feel in it. Shooting in several cuts vanishes the originality of the sequence.

Q. After working for so long in this industry, do you have a sense of fear of taking risks in your life?
There is a risk in every thing which you do. As of now, what I feel is risky for myself is that I should not be pissed off with my work. If I get bored by doing what I do then I may dry up my creative energy. I won’t be express myself that well then. So what I personally pursue is Being a student is better than being a teacher. So learning is a process according to me which should keep going, if you don’t learn then you can’t develop yourself. If I will restrict myself from doing different types of roles then I won’t have anything fresh in my system.

Written by: Aakash Gala

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