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Interview: Shraddha Kapoor: I’m not looking for a guy at the moment as there are several films lined up. It needs time to nurture a relationship and I’m having lack of time!!!

So after the massive success of Stree, Shraddha is geared up for yet another movie which is again content-driven, Batti Gul Meter Chalu, starring Shahid Kapoor as a co-star. Shraddha in an interaction openly expresses her feeling after the success of Stree, reveals few things regarding her upcoming projects.

When we asked Shraddha about her current feeling after the massive bash of Stree, she happily expresses, “It’s a huge feeling right now. Someday back, someone tell me that it’s on the way to mark itself as a blockbuster. My quick reaction was, Oh wow! That’s great isn’t? So I’m absolutely glad to be a part of such an amazing film like Stree. It’s a content-driven film in its own way. And now there are talks that there will be a sequel of the film, and I hope that I’ll be a part of it.”

When we asked her do box-office numbers bother her, she says, “Not at all. I don’t even want to get in all those things, unless and until I’m producing a film under my banner. I didn’t even realized that Stree is on its way to be a blockbuster. It was some media person who made me aware of the fact. So box-office numbers don’t bother me at all. And when it comes down to my previous films success or failure, I don’t feel that I was affected much. I was offered Batti Gul Meter Chalu, Saaho, Sania Nehwal Biopic before the success of Stree, when my Rock on was a huge failure. So I feel that it was my performance which kept the ball rolling. And I’m thankful to all those filmmakers who has an immense trust in me.”

When we asked her about her role in Batti Gul Meter Chalu, she reveals, “So I’m playing the character of Lalita Nautiyal aka Nauti. So she is a very outward person who feels that she has a great sense of fashion. She wears an unusual type of cloths because of which she is made fun of. Her friends always tease her for her fashion sense. She has a blue highlights which looks damn weird. She is very loud as a person, which at times annoy people around you. On the same lines, she is a person who has a great consciousness as well. She is also a person who is looking for a guy to get married to, even before her mother and grandmother does. So in a way, she is an interesting character, which will add some witty taste in the film.”

When we asked Shraddha that whether she is looking for a guy, just like her character in the film she says, “No, not at all. As of now I’m just dedicating my time towards my work. I don’t actually have time to look for a guy as of now. I’m having films lined up back to back. And after the success of Stree, during the screening, and by weekend, I received several calls for some or the other scripts. And after Batti Gul Meter Chalu, Saaho, Sania Nehwal Biopic, there is one more film which will be revealed soon. So I’m completely pack for the moment. And one needs time to nurture a relationship, and if I’m committed to someone I’ll make sure I can give equal attention and time to that relationship as well.”

When we asked her about how Saaho is shaping up. She says, “Saaho is still being shaped up, and that’s the film which I’m shooting in small proportion. The most difficult part is the language. I memorize the dialogues, and it takes me lots of time to memorize Telgu dialogues. My director helps me out there, and it’s so fascinating to speak in a different language. It is very challenging but on the same note, it’s a fun experience.”

Written by: Aakash Gala

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