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INTERVIEW: Shraddha Was My First Choice: Mohit Suri

Mohit Suri’s Half Girlfriend is an adaptation of Chetan Bhagat’s novel by the same name. It stars Shraddha Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor. Here’s i Mohit Suri interview with Cinespeaks, where he talks about his movie in more detail.


What is half girlfriend according to you ?

Dost se zyda aur girlfriend se kam is what the title signifies. There’s thin line between girlfriend and more than a friend. You develop an emotional bonding with the person. There are many people who are in such relationships but they never knew what label to give to their unconventionally Different kind of friendship. It’s that connect you feel with the person.

What does Half girlfriend basically about?

It is a story about a boy from a small town and has an inferiority complex. We have this hypocrisy that people, who converse in English are considered successful and those who talk in Hindi are seen as backward. This is very unfair to a country like this. So, how this boy with limitation of language reaches New York in the search of his love and finally gets it, is what the film is about.

Was Shraddha and Arjun your first choice?

Shraddha was my first choice but Arjun wasn’t, initially. I had other choices but one fine day on the sets of Ki and ka I met Arjun. We both indulged in a serious conversation, where he talked about his childhood days when he was overweight and had no girls taking interest in him. I was totally convinced with him, I could relate Arjun a lot with the character,for which I was looking out for someone. He was dedicated and had that quirk. He devoted six months in learning new dialect, basketball and other things which were essential for the movie to look real.

Why did you ask Shraddha and Arjun not to read the book?(Half Girlfriend)

Yes, I did. I didn’t want to confuse them and leave them in a perplex. Every person has a different interpretation and imagination when they read a book. I want them to read the script and understand the entire thing according to my perspective. I wanted the story to sound fresh to them. I wanted their acting to look real and natural that’s the reason I wanted to refrain both of them from keeping any pre conceived notion with respect to their characters.

Why did you choose This particular book named, Half Girlfriend?

Chetan Bhagat gave me a copy of the novel Half Girlfriend, much before the film was announced. I think Chetan picked me because he comprehended my sensibility through my earlier films. Later, I was the director best equipped to helm the film. Half Girlfriend is essentially a tale of unrequited love. I loved the Chetan’s imagination it was so deep and touching. You’ll see that thing in the movie. It’s very emotional.

We have heard that you are making a small screen debut as Nach Baliye 8 judge.

Yes, I’ll soon be seen in Nach Baliye 8 as one of the judges. What impressed me about the show was that it is that dance reality show where there’s not only professional dancing but couples, who are performing here have something between them. Every couple has a love story, a vibe, which I have to analyse. This is why I am on the show to actually judge what the chemistry of two imperfect people come out to be perfect.

Why did you choose to make your small screen appearance as a judge in Nach ba liye 8?

I genuinely believe all love stories are not perfect. I think that’s where two imperfect people come together and have a perfect love story. That’s why I am interested in something like this. You have couples who are married for so many years, a newly-engaged couple, a live-in couple. I love the whole milieu of the show. If it wasn’t about couples, I would have thought about doing it or not.

Who all are going to be your guests? Can we expect Shraddha and Arjun?

Shraddha and Arjun will definitely come on the show, to see me in front of the camera and pull my leg. They will want to take revenge from me of all the wrongs I did to them during the shoot. (Laughs)


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