Among all the young actors debuted in this decade, Siddharth Malhotra found his own fan following with his various films and characters. His upcoming film Marjaavan which is slated to release on 15 November 2019 has created good buzz all around. Recently the Actor has interacted with media while promoting the film. Catch his Interview right here..

Q. How does it feel being a part of Marjaavan?
Siddharth– It is good. This is action space after 3-4 films, since A Gentleman i think. And this kind of action after Brothers, Ek Villain and we have come more powerful, double action, beating up more people, tankers, breaking helmets. It is an intense lovestory but the treatment is given like a very 70-80s kind of film. Our Director was convinced and i am a big fan that era so we’re trying to do something new.

Q. The kind of character you are doing in this film, do you find it more challenging than your normal roles?
Siddharth– Because of more conviction from an actor’s point of view. It’s all about the attitude, its all about the personality on screen to go out and show that anger on screen and beat goons, but i have been a fan of this cinema. I have been a fan of Amitabh Bachchan, Sunny Deol, Sanjay Dutt and i think that helps to believe in this kind of cinema. Our Indian audience likes these journeys you take them through in 2 hours. We are hoping to entertain them with this intense lovestory and also the point is as you see in the end of the trailer one lover is killing another one so you know, that Why it happens excites you to watch the film.

Q. What drew you to be a part of this film? Script or something?
Siddharth- I wanted do an Intense lovestory and Milap told me that he had one and also action which i like. Then onwards we realise that we need somebody unique for Villain’s character and then Riteish came on board so it became a reunion as we were coming back after Ek Villain. Because it is a very cast friendly film, you need actors to do certain roles and for the first time we will see a negative character will be a Dwarf. Since childhood i wanted to play such kind of hero, so that excited me more.

Q. You have been part of couple of films which had 2 heroes and now this one also has 2 heroes, did you ever feel the complex that the other star will take away all the limelight?
Siddharth– I wouldn’t have done those films and this one too if i had ever felt that way.

Q. People are saying how good Music is, so what’s tour take on that? Which one is your favourite song from Marjaavan?
Siddharth– I definitely love all the love songs we have in the film. ‘Tum Hi Aana’ came much ago but i am routing for the underdog ‘Thodi Jahag’. I like all the songs but i think ‘Thodi Jagah’ given some more time, it would be popular. We are happy that people are liking the songs and visuals because lovestory is an essential part of the film.

Q. How was it working with Riteish for the 2nd time?
Siddharth– This film had lots of reunion. Me and Riteish, me and Rakul, me Milap and Tara was a new entry. Whenever Riteish comes in my lovestory my girf dies so, Riteish is the main villain (laughs) i think i should stop doing lovestories with him.

Q. You started off as an AD so would you like to go behind the camera and direct something?
Siddharth– I love the process of filmmaking, i learnt everything about the business. I don’t think direction is coming to me for now or next 3 years at least because i am hungry kind of actor currently. May be if a script comes along to produce something, and i give my inputs in that sense, then yes but not direction.

Q. Most of your co-starts are coming to Web zone so do you have plans of OTT?
Siddharth– It has not excited me as such. I guess there is lot of audience and varities of roles here (in films). So far it is not intriguing that i should play a character because i want to make sure in each film i play a different character.

By :- Sameer Ahire.

Q. What are your Next projects after Marjaavan?
Siddharth- I am shooting for Shershaah. It is a biopic of Captain Vikram Batra which is gonna come next year.

Q. So this is your First Biopic film, how challenging or easy it was?
Siddharth– Every film is challenging, no film is easy. Shershaah has its own difficuties in terms of location wise, you’re playing someone real so it’s his real house, it is set in 90s because it’s kargil war, he has twin brother so i have been trying to make the script since two and half years and then produers and me went to Dharma Productions and we started. We still have some shooting left.

Q. What kind of role you are willing to do or wanting to do?
Siddharth– A superhero character. I think India doesn’t have its own Superhero character which is our own desi. The west is doing well with these kind of character so i want to do something new without looking at any references.

By :- Sameer Ahire.

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