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Interview – Sonakshi Sinha – I would like to continue my career like Madhuri Mam

The Dabangg heroine is Unapologetic, chilled out, no-nonsense, worldly-wise girl. Sonakshi Sinha was only seen opposite male superstars in masala entertainers but in Abhishek Varman’s directorial Kalank she will be sharing the screen with many stars. She is still appreciated for her work in Noor and Akira, but these films didn’t walk up to box office. She is also the only heroine to be a part of all the sequels of a blockbuster film Dabangg.

Q. Kalank is a Dharma production film about the period drama with an ensemble cast so how excited are you?

Sonakshi – Very excited, a beautiful strong role has come to me after a long time probably after Lootera. I am so happy to be a part of this film only because of the kind of world that Abhishek has created and the people I got to work with.

Q. What was your reaction when the script came to you?

Sonakshi – When Abhishek narrated it to me I was mind blown. Its a drama about a family and their relationships with each other. Honestly what blew me most was my character because she is so strong, sacrificing, loving, caring, nurturing person and to be able to play that character in a film with so many actors where every character has contribution in taking the story forward, so I think that is the most special part about the story.

Q. How was your experience to work with Madhuri Dixit for the first time?

Sonakshi – She is someone whom you can look up to as an actor. She is very graceful and genuine. I am so happy to work in a film with Madhuri Mam and I think that was one of my bucket lists.

Q. Was there anything that you got to learn from Madhuri Dixit?

Sonakshi – I think just the way she is, her persona, her dedication towards work even after working for so many years is fantastic. And I hope, wish and pray that I can also continue like her.

Q. Looking at the kind of films you are doing there are larger than life films like Kalank and Dabangg and there are films like Ittefaq which are decent. Is there a conscious attempt to strike a balance?

Sonakshi – It’s not a conscious attempt but I am very happy that I have been able to strike that balance because for me as an actor it gives me a lot of different things. There are a lot of things which I learn from the kind of film I do. A producer or director know that they can fit me in what kind of film. I think that is an achievement for me. I am a very unspontaneous actor, actually, I am instinctive in choosing a script, when I hear it I have to immediately like it if I have to think on a script than I don’t do it.

Q. How do you react to films where your work has been appreciated in films like Noor and Akira but such films did not make a lot?

Sonakshi – Well as a person who is connected to the film and works hard feels little bad when you don’t get the box office, but these things are not in your control, so I don’t stress about it too much.

Q. What are the preps for Bhooj it is very overwhelming story and people don’t know about it?

Sonakshi – The character of the lady in Bhooj itself is very strong and it is a beautiful story that needs to be told. This character was offered to me twice before Bhooj  in 2 different movies of the same lady but I wasn’t able to do because of my other commitments.

Q. Dabangg was your debut and you have been a part of all the sequels so how do you feel?

Sonakshi – It feels so nice being back on the sets of Dabangg, it is literally like a homecoming. The team is also pretty much same so it is like a family.

Q. Madhuri Mam and Alia are dancing on ghar more pardesiya but there is no song of yours, why is that so?

Sonakshi – This is not a kind of film which requires a promotional no. because we have enough beautiful songs to showcase the film. My character is not one which would indulge in singing and dancing all of a sudden because of the situation she is facing in the film. It is ok, can’t have it all in one film.

Q. When do plan to get back to release singles?

Sonakshi – I really want to but I haven’t found enough time. I have recorded 4-5 songs and kept in a bank but I don’t have time to shoot my videos and release them so that is something I want to do.

Q. Are you looking up for web series?

Sonakshi – I have not closed the idea if I find something that really interests me than I will definitely do it.

By Rupal Purohit

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