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Interview – Sunny Deol : I prefer doing films with a social message.

Sunny Deol has us eating out of his ‘dhai kilo ka haath’ with his movies! With films like ‘Ghaayal’ and ‘Betaab’ under his belt, he has entertained us for very long. Having carried forward his father, Dharmendra’s legacy, he has made us laugh and cry with his portrayals, and now he is back! With the advent of his recent film ‘Poster Boys’, Sunny Deol tells us about his journey in Bollywood.

Have you seen the original ‘Poster Boys’?
I heard the idea first. I was excited with that only and I took it up. So I decided not to watch it, because once you watch a character you’re going to play, it settles in your mind, and you can’t think any differently.

How did the star cast get decided?
I wanted to do a film with Bobby from before. After Ghaayal, I thought once we get a good script, we can work together. So, when we heard the idea of Poster Boys, which was a Marathi superhit, we were overjoyed!

Is it a content driven film?

It’s a comedy. The characters get embroiled in a situation and the way they deal with it is quite funny. It’s a light hearted film, but the issues they face are quite serious.

Do you like doing films with a social message?
Yes, definitely. When I’ve watched a film, I like to walk away having learned something from it. So, it’s not a deliberate attempt that I will do only films with a cause, but I do prefer them. Films that connect with you emotionally, when they have a message, you tend to carry that back with you. So, the next time you’re faced with that situation, you tend to think carefully before you do anything.

Would you like to take the Ghaayal franchise forward?

Yes, I’d love to! But I’m already doing a lot of things. I have a couple of projects in the making, and I’m trying to concentrate on my son more right now.

How would you describe your journey in Bollywood?
I’ve had the best time! I’ve no regrets. A journey isn’t something that doesn’t go smoothly. There are ups and downs and you learn from it and move on. All I would like to tell everyone is stay positive, You will have obstacles in your way in life. Look at it in the best light and move forward.

How different is your equation with Bobby on set?
It’s not that different, actually. Of course, when you’re home and you’re free, it is more relaxed. On set we have the work that we have to do. We have schedules to follow and so we are more professional.

Recently, Pahlaj Nihalani was replaced by Prasoon Joshi in the CBFC. What are your views on it?
Censors have always locked horns with the film industry. The committees will change over the years, but we will always be at loggerheads with them. But I believe that the CBFC can only give certificates to films, they aren’t supposed to stop their release. But I haven’t read up very well on it, so I may be mistaken.

Watch the trailer here:

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