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Interview: Taapsee Pannu – ‘’ My role in Judwaa 2 is very different compared to original one played by Rambha ‘’.

Taapsee Pannu is a very successful actress in film industry today who has got critically acclaimed for her performances in films like Baby, Naam Shabana and Pink. She has managed to create and carve a niche for herself in this super competitive film industry. Now her next film Judwaa 2 will be releasing in this week on 29th September 2017.

How did you manage to play this role that has already been played by someone else in original film ‘Judwaa’?

I’ve managed to play this role as it was not really the character which in the original film actress Rambha had played.

How different is this role from the original one?

Since it’s a complete re boot i.e. ‘’Judwaa 2’’ of original cult classic ‘’Judwaa’’, each and everything about my character is different. Like I am not the quiet, shy type of girl but it’s actually Samaira (the character I play) who always takes the lead in the relationship between her and Prem and is a girl next door who’s a college going girl.

Do you think that each role is different and unique in its own way?

Yes, I totally agree with it as if after 20 years when you’ve decided to fully revamp a film and present it in front of audiences you can’t just show her as how she was originally as everything has to be changed with time.

Your roles are always serious and intense but is it true that you always tend to unwind yourself with David Dhawan?

As an actor people think that serious and intense roles are always very tough and challenging to play and doing comedy roles is not at all tough but with this film I’ve realized that you’ve to look like a million bucks in every frame especially when I had to match up the level of Varun and Jacqueline who’ve already established themselves as hottest man and woman in industry so yes it was very tough and stressful for me.

This film has two female leads and you’re one of them so what made you say yes to this film?

The fact that David and Sajid Sir asked me and also it was something new and interesting role for me to play made me say yes to this film. As for the attention getting divided between two actresses in film, that was not a problem for me as we both have our own attention as I’ve not even shared my man with her in the film.

We’ve heard that you were injured on sets multiple times thanks to Varun is it true?

Yes definitely it’s true that I’ve been injured on sets multiple no. of times due to Varun and even a stretcher had come for me. It was not like that as everybody was so charged up while dancing that you don’t get to know what is happening around you especially when someone is dancing next to you so during high jumps and all he had hit my hands and sometimes he even used to stand on my legs but that’s all in good fun as few times even I used to kick him with my leg.

In a FB post long back you had written that there was a phase where Bollywood A list actors didn’t wanted to work with you as you’re not an A lister actress is it still there even today?

No it has still not changed even today and the fact still does exists that even today am still not an A lister actress. I still don’t think that am an A lister actress yet.

Do you agree with the fact that in Bollywood films when a film is made with the actress as main hero, no heroes want to work in such films?

See this is something based on my observations which is true that even today whenever a film is made with the actress as main hero, no heroes want to work in such films but slowly with times all these things are changing as there are now films like Dear Zindagi and Naam Shabana where Shahrukh and Akshay have done lighter parts in them and also they both were co-producers of the film. We still have a very long way to go as this is just a small beginning or start towards the change that is the need of the hour today.

Tapsee are you only concentrating on Bollywood or will you act in South films as well?

Not at all as I will be acting in South films as well. I am very happy and glad that today I’ve reached a position where I don’t have to do a film just for sake of it.
I will do a film when I really feel like wanting to do a film regardless of the fact that who’s a part of it or not and I am very happy to reach this juncture in my career and I will very soon be doing a South film where it doesn’t matter who the hero is.

Tapsee are you willing to explore the web series space or short films in near future any time soon?

Actually I will tell you what that people tend to explore that spaces when they want to do something very quirky, unusual, unique and out of the box stuff that they don’t get to do in films which is in very rare situations but I am getting very tough, dangerous, and challenging roles right now so I don’t have a reason to explore Web series and short film spaces right now.

Do you think that web series have an edge over feature films?

No I don’t think in that way at all. Not right now with current scenario in India in terms of Censorship may be as in web space there’s no censorship right now. But as I said I am not at all tempted and excited to explore web space right now.

By Vrinda Mundara.

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