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Interview: Tabu – ‘’First of all my role in Golmaal 4 was very good otherwise I wouldn’t be doing the film’’.

Tabu today is one of the finest actresses in bollywood today. As an actress she has always experimented with her characters and roles by performing them in different genres and she has been very critically praised and acclaimed for the same. She has been successful in creating a permanent niche for herself as one of the most successful actress in this super competitive bollywood film industry. Currently she’s gearing up for the release of his film Golmaal 4 on 19th October 2017.

Tabu you are coming back to comedy with Golmaal 4 so what tempted you to do this film?

First of all my role in Golmaal 4 was very good otherwise I wouldn’t be doing the film. Secondly in a big multi starrer like Golmaal I have a very interesting role and also it’s a great franchise and a very established brand of Rohit Shetty to be a part of and I got to work with everyone that I’ve known for so many years.

Can you tell us something about your role in the film?

I am so sorry but I can’t as the film has a little suspense element that’s why I just can’t reveal anything at all about my character in the film.

Have you been paired opposite any actor in Golmaal 4?

No I’ve not been paired opposite any other actor in Golmaal 4 as I feel that am all alone like Stallone.

Tabu you’ve always been associated with serious roles so this time how come a comic role?

Actually to be very frank and honest for me a good role is always a good role and then after that it doesn’t matter whether it’s serious or comic role in the film.

Tabu mam you’ve had a career span of almost 3 decades in film industry right from Bazaar till now so do you feel that film industry has changed in these many years?

To be honest I just got in accidentally into acting and I never wanted to be an actor at first place. Fortunately or unfortunately I’ve spent almost more than 20 years in film industry till now present day but according to me there’s no change in films and film industry at all as their basic nature was, is, and will always remain the same so I didn’t see any sort of growth in industry and even we actors are doing same things like what we always do while shooting a film that’s acting our characters and all other things involved in it. I remember every year I used to do a film and after that decide that this would be my last film and just felt like running away from here every time but now I myself am very amazed and shocked to think that how this much time of my life has passed away with me being in film industry and I can’t understand it as well. But the type of people I’ve met outside the film industry that’s non-film industry people and I feel my mind-set, way of thinking and looking at things has also changed as well. I feel that I’ve grown more as an actor with non-film industry people as for me the world outside films is very big and I always want to just keep exploring that world so for me travelling and meeting new people is very important as well as I as an actor do many things which I like other than acting in films and I feel very suffocated when I see someone doing only work like acting in films and not taking out time for themselves since it’s really just not the way I function and live my life.

As an actor have you done any sort of tough and challenging roles in your film career?

To be very frank and honest all roles that I’ve done till now have always been very tough and challenging. My entire film career has been filled with such tough and challenging roles till now. I’ve never got anything very easily but this is also because I’ve just chosen that path right from very beginning for myself with my own choice.

Is there any change in comedy genre that you’ve seen from Hera Pheri (2000) to Golmaal 4 (2017)?

Between Hera Pheri (2000) to Golmaal 4 (2017) I don’t think there has been any sort of a huge change in comedy genre in past 17 years as such as Golmaal is in itself a very established franchise as there are very new aspects to Golmaal 4 like the storyline, the script, the way it has been shot, the dialogues and it’s completely very new and different what Rohit and writers have creatively written and penned for Golmaal 4 which have very unique and interesting new elements compared to other 3 Golmaal films of the franchise and it’s very different attempt even for Rohit to do something like a horror comedy in Golmaal 4.

Tabu mam do you always do everything with financial planning like finally making your dream home i.e. a commercial complex in Hyderabad and all?

Really I’ve done many films down in South like 12 Telugu films and some Tamil films as well. But it’s not true that I am seen very less in Bollywood films now. But yes south is my comfort zone since I know the Telugu language right from childhood so it’s not much difficult to do films down in south. It was always my dream to have my own house like a huge bungalow in Hyderabad. When my mom and sister came to Mumbai even I had to come to Mumbai and after coming over here I did not feel very good, nice and I was totally broken since when I was leaving my hometown Hyderabad with whom I was so attached as it had memories of my entire childhood, my school friends and even my nana nani house was over there because of all these factors I really ended up hating Mumbai very much and did not like coming over here at all. So when I started working in South films I decided to make a home like a big bungalow for myself in Hyderabad and when I was doing Telugu films my friends over there told me that the money that you will earn from working over here just spend it over here itself and make yourself a home like a huge bungalow just like you wanted to be your dream home be like since that’s the only way you would be able to do something for yourself and make it over here so that’s how I took possession of a land and slowly the entire process of making my home started and many years went in making of my home. After it was made, I felt my dream is fulfilled and then probably just forgot about it.

Mam apart from acting what other things you like to do?

Apart from acting I like to read books but that too hardly one book at a time as I don’t get that much free time now that am an actor. But yes I am a traveller as I love to travel lot and I like discovering and exploring new places and am glad that because of being in film industry I get to travel a lot and in some way my dream of travelling gets fulfilled. As I said earlier I am not that much of a great actor I feel so as I just do okay sorts of acting to be frank. I just cannot satisfy myself by doing only acting and not anything else since I have a tendency to feel very suffocated when I see someone doing only work like acting in films and not taking out time for themselves since it’s really just not the way I function and live my life.

Mam we came to know that you got very attached to Tusshar Kapoor’s son Laksh so how was your experience with him on Golmaal 4 sets?

Spending time with laksh was one of the best moments and memories on sets of Golmaal 4 while shooting which I will always cherish my entire life. I am very happy and glad with the fact that Tusshar got Laksh to sets of the film and I got to spend so much time with Laksh. After pack up of shoot every day there was a routine hat I would go to his room and spend lots of time with Laksh by playing with him so Hyderabad’s warm climate and tiredness problems caused due to travelling from there to here all used to just go away magically by just spending time with Tusshar’s adorable son Laksh and he’s such a cute and sweet baby that our bonding has only ended up becoming more beautiful. I am very happy to have spent time with Laksh.

Do you miss spending time with Laksh and Laksh now that the shooting of film is over and it is all set to release this Diwali?

Yes I really do miss Laksh a lot now that the shooting of film is over and it is all set to release this Diwali and the time that I got to spend with him during the shoot of Golmaal 4 was one of the best times ever in my entire life.

Kunal also recently became a father and had a baby girl Inaya with Soha so did you go to meet her yet?

No I’ve not yet gone to meet Kunal’s baby girl Inaya and right now even she’s really very small so it would not be the right time to meet her now so I would go but after some time but not presently now.

Had Ajay also got his son Yug on sets of Golmaal 4?

Yes even Ajay had got his son Yug on sets of Golmaal 4 but Yug only accompanied Ajay to the sets and got to meet everyone like only 1 or 2 times that’s it not more than that as far as I know.

Tabu mam how would you define your journey till now?

I would say that it’s been a very tough and challenging journey for me from South till bollywood film industry till now. Because we were very much unfamiliar with the film industry when we had come as we did not at all know what this industry is, what are ways of surviving in industry, how are the people over here, what do the actors do in real life and reel life and many other things. It was a very new and a different kind of world altogether compared to the world from where we had come. I accidentally just stumbled into acting and started doing films and I was not a person who wanted to become an actor as I was convinced at that point of time by everyone around me that just do this one film and after that leave it altogether if you want to and concentrate on your studies after that so in these conditions I started doing acting in films. My journey has been very difficult as it was really a whole new type of world for me as I and my sister were first generation in my family who were actors and my mom and dad were school teachers so now you can just try to imagine that my entire life journey was full of happiness, challenges, difficulties, excitement, where I got to learn many things from people who I’ve worked with which were either good or bad and life lessons as well.

What is the one of your favourite things which you have enjoyed in your entire journey till now?

Yes travelling is one of my most favourite things that I’ve just enjoyed to the core in my entire journey till now. I am a traveller as I love to travel lot and I like discovering and exploring new places and am glad that because of being in film industry I get to travel a lot and in some way my dream of travelling gets fulfilled. Originally I wanted to become an air hostess so that my dream of travelling gets fulfilled and also so I could travel. I had applied and even got the job of an air hostess in international airlines but then I got into acting and now I feel that god has finally fulfilled my dream of travelling the world through me being an actor professionally career wise. But I don’t want my journey to be restricted to films and cinema only as I cannot bear that at all.

Now in digital space even webseries is also gaining a lot of momentum, so in future if you get any offer for acting in a webseries will you do it?

If there’s a good offer that comes my way in future for acting in webseries and if people making it are very proper then why not I would definitely love to do it but not right now as I don’t have the time right now for webseries.

You’ve had a very long journey and association with Ajay from Vijaypath to Golmaal 4 so how is your rapport and bonding with him?

Actually my friendship with Ajay goes way back to my college days where Ajay was my brother’s childhood friend so due to that factor all of us were in the same type of group and you all know how brother’s friends can be very protective for you but since it’s such an old and long friendship between me and Ajay I feel very comfortable while working with him and it doesn’t feel like I am doing any sort of work while working with him in films since it’s such a type of comfort and rapport that you feel only with few rare people.

We all know that you dance very well but did you feel any guilt or regret that you couldn’t get to do a full-fledged dancer role in any of the films?

I’ve really got no such regrets or guilt regarding the fact that I couldn’t get to do a full-fledged dancer role in any of the films. Whatever I’ve done in my entire life and career as an actor I am very happy and satisfied with that as my stomach is really very full now and I feel now that I should probably have worked less hard and gone on more holidays for travelling the world.

Mam your favourite travel destinations where you love to go?

America is my second home as my family lives over there so every year I take a vacation and go to America to visit my family. I’ve loved going to Egypt and Morocco. I would love to go to South America, East Africa, Sweden, Spain and many more places as well.

By Vrinda Mundara.

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