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#INTERVIEW -“There’s no change in Ajay Devgn at all.” – Tabu.

From someone who used to be not so comfortable in meeting and greeting many people at the same time to becoming someone who is always in the public eye, Tabu has seen a dynamic shift in her personality. All thanks to the kind of work she has done. The actress is riding high on the success of her last movie ‘Andhadhun’ and is now geared up for the release of her next, ‘De De Pyaar De’. In a freewheeling conversation, Tabu bears her heart out regarding the experience she had and a lot more. 

Q)  What was the motivation point for you to select this script? 

Tabu – I think it’s mainly the story. It is a very different story and an interesting one.. The kind of complication which we haven’t seen before. So I just felt like doing it. It’s different. 

Q) Your camaraderie with Ajay Devgn is fantastic. How much does that help? 

Tabu – It’s fantastic. We have worked in many films together before. However the thing which is new in this film is the kind of pairing. In ‘Drishyam’ it was different. We both were together but we weren’t paired. In Golmaal franchise as well, we were in the same film but the way we were was different. But this one is a lot different. The way we have been paired. The way the relationship has been shown. It’s quite unique henceforth and I feel we are very suited for this relationship. 

Q)  What is your take on Andhadhun’s fantastic reaction at China? 

Tabu – It’s really overwhelming.. Our producers and Viacom informed us about it and we were very excited. I was very excited because I thought I will get to go to China for one of the screenings and also because I haven’t been there before. But me and Shriram were in Los Angeles at that point of time so that couldn’t happen. But without any doubt, when your work gets so much love and from a universal audience,it feels wonderful. 

Q) So tell us a bit about your character in the film? 

Tabu – So my character’s name is Manju. She is a very strong and independent minded woman. She is strong and liberated. She has brought up two of her children all alone and she also deals with all the complications that are thrown at her end. It’s a very strong character. 

Q)  Your director Akiv said recently that for the film and your character, you were hands down an automatic choice? How does it feel when you hear something like this? 

Tabu – Well I don’t know how to express myself. Obviously it feels wonderful but it also adds a sense of responsibility that I need to keep working on the quality of my work so that I can continue doing mu work and also grow with respect to all my experiences in life so far. But yeah it does feel lovely when you hear something like this. 

Q)  Tabu, initially your image was very intense and serious in nature. A lot had to do with the kind of work you were doing on screen. But that has kind of changed now after movies like Golmaal and others. So are you happy about it? 

Tabu – Well I don’t know how that imagery formed. It formed because of the kind of roles I believe  But then I have been doing variety of roles.. From ‘Maqbool’ to ‘Chandni Bar’, ‘Hum Saath Saath Hai’ , ‘Biwi No. 1’, ‘Saanjan Chale Sasural’ and many more, I feel I am very lucky that as an actor, I have got that acceptance from the audience with a variety of images. That is probably one of the biggest things an actor can ask for and I feel I am lucky there. Obviously Golmaal happened. It wasn’t a conscious decision. It came and I felt like doing it and hence I did it. If it simultaneously leads to change in imagery, it’s good in a way I feel. So yeah. 

Q) Were you disappointed that a much anticipated hit like ‘Fitoor’ didn’t work? 
Tabu – Umm, see you definitely feel bad. A major reason to that is you are not the only one involved but it’s a big group always. So when your work doesn’t go well, you do feel bad. But I don’t think that my stake is more than that of the producers because of which I should be feeling shattered.. I mean, of course it’s not a happy situation. But you can’t really do much. But it does feel bad. 

Q) From the beginning of your career till now, did you ever have any discussion with your directors about your screen space and screen timing? 

Tabu – See, I don’t judge or pick my characters based on my screen timing. I always decide on characters after getting an idea about how much impact the role can have or what I can do with and how can I bring in something new and fresh in it to contribute my part. So I don’t really look at my characters that way and hence no discussion. And as far as earlier is considered, then toh decide karne ka scope hi nahi tha.. Tab jo mile 2 heroine, 4 heroine 17 heroine sab kar lete the. Also a lot of films earlier didn’t have hard scripts so you couldn’t do anything but proceed with just faith on the director. 

Q) Has Ajay Devgn changed over the years? 

Tabu- Absolutely the same. Totally the same. There’s no change in him at all. What he was years back, he is the same person now as well. 

Q)  How much more time do you want to give to cinema? 

Tabu – Hahah I don’t know to be honest. Jab tak films mujhse time mangega and puchega, I will be there.. Jissdin puchna bandh kar dega, maybe then I will not. 

Q)  Apart from acting, is there anything else in the process of filmmaking that attracts you? 

Tabu – Umm,  writing to an extent is what I find really appealing. 

Q)  What’s your outlook towards web series? 

Tabu – Well, its good. Especially because there’s no censoring that goes in there.. But what I find the best about web is that it has given space to so many new and talented actors who have done a fantastic job and are continuing to do so. It’s a good thing that is happening now. 

Q) Lastly, how much do you think ‘De De Pyaar De’ is relevant to today’s time? 

Tabu – I feel it’s very relevant. It’s like in a same family, you have people in their 20’s,  30’s 50’s and even 60’s. The way it will be relevant to every age group will be different but it is definitely relevant if you consider today’s time and generation and the mindset. To understand more on what I am saying, you will need to see the film. 


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