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Interview : “To confront my insecurities is what I aim at as an actor,” Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Known for his versatility, Nawazuddin is the one of the most loved actors in the industry today. Not leaving any stone unturned, he comes in a completely different avatar, as a dancer with Tiger Shroff in Munna Michel. Talking about the same, he interacted with us. Excerpts:


How was it working with Tiger?

It was great but I could never match up with Tiger. I just tried to do the best that I could. I knew I am not good in dancing, but that is all it is about. To confront my insecurities is what I aim at as an actor and then deal with it. the challenging the role is, the most desirable it would be for an actor.

You have never been into dance at all in all these years, why so?

Bacause I never really got a chance to. Nobody thought of me as a dancer and thus no role such role came my way. The director of this movie somehow came across this idea of casting me, at first I didn’t know had to dance and when I figured, I freaked out initially. But after a few rehearsals and confidence shown in by the crew and makers, I gave in.

Have you never danced before in real as well?

I haven’t. Although when I was a kid and we had a wedding ceremony in the village, we would dance in the Baarat in the hope of some money. But that is not really a dance if you compare them to the choreographed ones here.

You have had many get ups in your movies, is that how you connect with your roles?

The physical get ups really doesn’t matter to me. As an actor, I aim at getting into the thought process of the character that I am to play. The physical appearance might just convince you more into the shade of the character but the inner quality is ultimately what reflects in a personality. You meet pass by a lot of people who have different get ups but when you actually talk to them, have a conversation with them, only then you’d be able to classify them as to what characteristics they have.


You fan base is mostly because you are a method actor, how did you expect them to react to this new avatar of yours?

I am an actor and I am bound to play different role. My fans would like me in a particular role but that does not mean that I am going to keep on repeating the same kind of characters. I need to challenge myself with my insecurities and that is how maybe my fans will realize the versatility of an actor.

Do you feel you have an added responsibility at this point of time in your career to do good movies?

I think every actor in every phase would want to do good movies. For me, I would want to do roles that people may not like playing and audience will have a hard time connecting with, such roles have a lot of scope for acting. I did Raman Raghav which I don’t feel anyone who is a clean chit hero could have done. I don’t want to be categorized because then the audience starts expecting you to do the same kind of roles and would hard a hard time to see you beyond that.

Do you have a fear that you might repeat your roles?

I have played at least 2000 characters while I was in theatre, the movies has just begun for me. I don’t think that way I need to worry about my repetition of the role but yes, if I feel that this one is merging a bit with the their one, I try and differentiate through my acting. To bring differentiation despite getting same roles is what an actor needs to follow.

How do you choose your roles, by keeping the script in mind or by considering your character?

I choose my roles according to the Director of the movie because I believe if a Director is good, he can bring something extra ordinary out of an average script and if he doesn’t have the knowledge of a good cinema, no matter how good the script is, he won’t be able to lift it up on his shoulders. I want to know his knowledge of cinema and that is all it matters to make a convincing movie.


How do you react to success and failure of a film and does box office number matter to you?

I don’t get bothered with the success or failure of a movie. I work, I do my job and I leave it for the audience to decide. I have never been a part of the race and I don’t intend to be a part of it either. For me, if a movie doesn’t work, I might feel a little down but that is all, what I can do is just move on and work better in my next movie. If a movie is successful, I feel happy that the message we tried sending was read through and understood. Talking about Box Office number and their classification on the basis of numbers, I do not understand this concept at all. Haraamkhor was made in the budget of 60 lacs, and it was sold to Netflix in a Crore, with the advertising and other things, we earned 10-12 Crores for the movie, is that not a hit? I don’t understand the concept of weekend numbers especially with small movies and thus I choose not to be a part of it.

Transcribed By – Paridhi Tripathi

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