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Interview: Tusshar Kapoor – ‘’I am very happy that Golmaal is not clashing with the zone of Secret Superstar at all and we are in a secure space’’.

Tusshar Kapoor is an Indian Bollywood actor and producer and son of veteran actor Jeetendra and younger brother to Ekta Kapoor. As an actor he has always experimented with his characters and roles by performing them in different genres and he has been very critically praised and acclaimed for the same. He has been successful in creating a permanent niche for himself as an actor in this super competitive Film industry. Currently he’s gearing up for the release of his film Golmaal 4 on 19th October 2017.

In the trailer of Golmaal 4 it could be seen that you’ve imitated Nana Patekar is it true?

You all have watched the trailer very closely I guess. Yes, it’s true that my character in film has tried to imitate Nana Patekar but why and what was the reason for him to do so that you’ll come to know only after watching the film in theatres on Diwali i.e. 19th October 2017.

Your film is releasing on same day as Aamir Khan’s Secret Superstar so will there be a clash at Box office?

Secret Superstar is a very different type of a small film which has its own zone and audiences and I think that Golmaal 4 is not clashing with that zone at all. There’s nothing competitive between both films and I think that they are also very secure in their own space as well.

You must be very happy to finally get lines in a Golmaal movie?

Actually I always had lines even in previous Golmaal films but this time I’ve got new words to say in the film and all credit for that goes to Sajid Farhad and Rohit together as they all decided what and how his character would speak in the film, what he does and does he lose his voice again and these things just go on and it’s not my fault as I was very stressed and he just has to be provoked enough and be crazy too to have his own voice back so what happens after that and how I play that part is for you to find out in theatres when film releases.

Tusshar in first 3 parts of Golmaal series your character was loved and admired by people so how was it this time around when you had to talk like were you averse to idea of this?

No I was not at all averse to idea of trying to speak in the film as for me it was coming back to films after long time so it shouldn’t be the same thing each time and there should always be something new and surprising elements in a character so audiences love it and that’s what keeps the franchise and characters in film memorable too.

Will there be any secret swear words used in this film as well?

Swear words should just be left to mystery and imagination of people as when they come in the film at that time people should just be in a state of surprise and shock as well so I won’t confirm that part now.

At Mumbai film festival when you were there a guy said that ‘’great grand masti’’ is a bad film and then said sorry so what’s your take on this?

Actually the sad and bad part is that horror comedy films have not worked out that well with audiences like Bhool Bhulaiya had worked and after this genre was not attempted that much by film makers. I am not embarrassed to say that I have been a part of some of adult comedy films which have really worked well with audiences and box office records but now it’s not the time to make an adult comedy now as though there’s a huge audience for it but also there’s a lot of hate for it as well.

Recently Kunal turned a father so did you share any daddy tips with him?

No when I used to discuss with Kunal about Laksh that time Soha was heavily pregnant so I only used to discuss about things like which school will he go to and other things so he has listened so much to these things that now he exactly knows what he has to do as a father to his baby and I don’t need to give him tips now.

Now webseries space is also gaining huge momentum so what’s your take on that?

I would really love to work in a webseries. It’s like there’s a whole new world and galaxy waiting out there for you i.e. the digital medium where there’s no sort of restrictions and censorships as you can showcase what you want to without thinking about the cuts by censor board and just help it to reach in any parts of the world or country at any time of the day with any type of language as well. So yes I am open to idea of webseries but my first priority would always be films.

By Vrinda Mundara.

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