The handsome, Vicky Kaushal and the gorgeous Yami Gautam sit down for a short interview before the release of their upcoming film, Uri: The Surgical Strike. The movie is directed by Aditya Dhar and set to be released on 11th January, 2019.

Q. Vicky Kaushal, how does it feel to be an important person with whom every director wants to work with?
These are very sweet words. I’m nowhere close to be called an important person in this industry. This all has just started, it’s been a good year. And the upcoming work is great as well. But listening to your statement is also great because even I want to work with every director. I am really grateful to God, to the people who gave me these opportunities and the audience. I got a chance to do good work with good people. It’s wonderful.

Q. What’s the secret of your versatility?
I got the opportunity to work with great director. And as an actor, everyone aims at doing different roles and do justice with each and every role. But if you’ve good directors then even they push you and you give better outcomes.

Q. How was it playing a character in Uri?
It was the most challenging and exhausting experience I’ve ever had shooting for the film. Firstly, the prep, to give 6-7 months prep time for a film, I’ve never done that before for a film. Then two and a half months of continuous shooting out of which about 35 days were action days which was very tiring but at the end you always feel when would I get a chance like this again. But then this emotion gives you strength to realize that the movie is soon releasing. It’s a bit nerve wrecking whether the movie will work or not but we know for a fact that we’ve given our 100% in the film, all blood and sweat has been contributed to it.

Q. Were you both aware about the Uri attack before hand?
When Uri attacks took place, I only knew what was given in newspapers or news channels. Everyone had similar sentiments of anger, hurt and disappointment. The way these attacks were done while our soldiers were sleeping, that was really extremely brutal and bad. We met one of the soldier who survived this attack, we heard details of the attack directly from him. When we read the script for the first time, we got to know a lot more about the attacks, the reason behind it and also why it is a landmark in the history of Indian military and defence. And also how some of the important departments of the country came together and executed this within 10 days but no information was leaked. And that’s one of the reasons why it became huge success.

Q. Were there any goosebumps moments for you?
After every single Army training, we used to have goosebumps. And then they used to tell us that this is just a trailer. But getting the opportunity to play a this role was an honour. As an actor , that’s very thrilling for us that we got to experience a new life very closely. Also when we had conversations with Special Forces about anything and listen to their stories about their mission or training, it was all very thrilling and definitely gave me goosebumps. When you start listening to their stories, you forget about the time and you feel that we must take away limelight but these people are the real heroes.
Yami: When we were at Air Force Base, I really got goosebumps because to actually see military chopper and to have everything around which is a military, the patriotism and pride within you comes up automatically.
At that place I was just silently observing and absorbing everything around. I’ll never forget that evening.

Q. Why do you think people should go and watch this film?
I heard about surgical strike for the first time in my life during the first press conference which they held a day after the strike on 19th September. Then the newspapers and news channels started covering it and got to know all the details about how Indian soldiers attached 38 terrorists with zero scratch on themselves. But still we were astonished by it. Although all the details were not out, it’s highly intelligence classified. When I read Uri’s script, my role as an actor was not reading it, I was reading it as a citizen and was curious about every step. In reality Indian army had 10 days in their hands to plan out that surgical strike and execute it. So in the film also you’ll see the progression and it’s becomes an interesting journey. From the point of view of the Army, the whole country is asking you when and what you’re planning, but even in that pressure without loosing their sanity, the army efficiently planned and executed everything. And because of all these reasons every citizen of India should watch the film.

Q. There are few portions of people who are opposing the movie because it’s based on a very sensitive issue related to Indian Army, how are you handling that?
We should have a realistic view that there are always going to be different opinions about whatever you’re doing. Specially Twitter is a place where people just write their views and that becomes an opinion. But that’s okay because both negatives and positives are coming. It’s at least instigating a discussion which is great. But other than that, I really want them to watch the film, that will clear all their doubts and answers.
Yami: I agree with Vicky. Everyone has their right to give their opinions but still if you’re raising a question on Indian Army, there’s nothing more dishonoring than that. Everything is subject to opinion but you’re questioning and disrespecting the vanguards on this country, it’s a dishonor. So I don’t feel like glorifying that section.
Yes, difference is opinions will always matter, critical evaluation always welcome but in a healthy way. There’s a line that should not be crossed. And no line can be crossed for Indian Army, they’re much more above than that. Thanks to Uri, that we’re getting to meet them. It’s an honor for us.

Q. You played a Pakistani soldier in Raazi and in Uri, you’re playing an Indian soldier. Did any of the Army person said anything about it in a light way?
Someone from Indian Army said to me jokingly that good work, from there, you first brought information and now doing a surgical strike. These are completely two different stories and very different roles. Now I’ll find a no-land’s-man role for me.


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