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Interview: Vipul Shah: Anyone and Everyone intimidating a girl for speaking up the truth should be dragged behind the bars!!!

The film which has created a good environment is about to get released. Vipul Shah’s Namaste England starring Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra as a lead is a romantic story with several twists. Meanwhile we had a word with the director of the film, Vipul Shah. He speaks up on several topics like his journey, me too moment etc.

In an interaction with Cinespeaks, Vipul says…

Q. What sort of response are you receiving after the trailer is out?
I’m getting both type of responses. Few people said me that it’s a typical romantic film which we’ve seen tons of times in the past, few were positive as well. Talking about the expectations from the trailer, we didn’t had any expectations in our mind. We were planning to launch two trailers. Unfortunately we’re in a situation where if we don’t reveal the story we don’t get the audience in the screens. There are several twists and turns in the film which we were wishing to keep as a surprise element.

Q. Today, the digital platform is getting immense amount of attention, what’s your take on that?
The cinema is evolving, quality of cinema is getting better. And fortunately Digital platform is boosting that. Till date, we had that stereotype of thought that if he’s a hero, he has to be a good one. But today its no more a necessity. If you’ll watch shows like Game of Thrones, every primary character inherits some negative quality, still we like them. Or there are various shows where the death of a grey character disappoints the audience. Now there aren’t much of black characters, there are grey characters.

Q. What was the reason behind making Namaste England?
If you’ll notice my working graph, I keep on experimenting with various genres, I did action, I did fantasy which unfortunately didn’t work. London Dreams was the darkest film I directed. It’s the first time I’m repeating a genre because I feel that it was needed. This was the story which I felt is worth telling.

Q. Did you faced difficulties during the casting process, because initially Akshay was supposed to star in the film and now its Arjun?
I actually did this film keeping Akshay Kumar in my mind as a character, in fact we both announced it together but the dates were not matching. He had 8 films to do then, some of them are not happening now. So after a long wait, he said me that how much time shall I wait, instead I should search for someone else for the role. Later, I went to Arjun Kapoor and honestly said him the entire scenario, and he was ready for the narration. After the narration, he really liked the film and that’s how he came on board. I was supposed to cast Katrina opposite to Arjun, but then I realized that it’s a typical Punjabi girl’s role which won’t fit Katrina and later we signed Parineeti opposite to Arjun.

Q. What do you feel is that one element which differentiates Namaste England from rest of the out and out romantic drama?
I’ve always said that if a romantic film doesn’t have a social issue involved in it, then it becomes a fantasy. It appears unreal to audience. There should be some social issue involved, maybe that could be the reason of their conflict. Here, if a boy decides to migrate to some other city or country, he assumes that his family will have no issue with his decision. But if on the same notes, a girl takes that decision than if becomes a topic of argument, which according to me is a major problem with the mentality of people.

Q. Do you guide Shefali with the selection of scripts or any kind of guidance?
I never interfere in her work. Those are some of the principles which I like to follow. I never read the scripts offered to her, and never suggest her any such thing. If she asks for my guidance then surely I help her out there. And if you asked this because of Brothers, then there’s a really interesting story behind it. Amit recommended her, and she literally jumped into it. I said that are you crazy, Akshay is elder to you and you’re planning to play the role of his mother on-screen. It sounds funny but eventually it happened.

Q. You had a great Album with Himesh Reshamiya in the past, so haven’t you thought of retaining it over here?
I could have retained it but then there would be definitely a comparison between the same people. And for such an Album I wanted someone who can give me a year of his life. In the past few years, the record of Bollywood in terms of music is not that impressive, it’s declining and the reason behind it is we’re creating songs in a hurry.

Q. What after Namaste England?
Well I’m a very lazy person. I don’t plan things in advance. As of now I’ll just wait for the film to get released and later I shall analyze the results and then go forward with it. But besides that I’m producing Commando 3.

Q. What’s your take on the heating controversy of Tanushree Dutta and Nana Patekar?
I feel that if one doesn’t has the entire knowledge of the scenario should not blabber any utter rubbish stuff because by doing this you’re doing injustice to someone. I personally feel that there should be a strict police investigation involved and the guilt must be established.

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