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Interview :- Vishal Punjabi… Read Full Interview here…

1. Being a wedding cinematographer, what’s the difference between the normal weddings and star studded wedding?
Vishal– With celebrity weddings the hardest part is keeping your mouth shut until the event is over. Sometimes you really want to say it but you can’t and sometimes you’re really excited, so that’s fun. The hard part about celebrity weddings is the post-production and the secrecy that goes behind it, and the privacy we have to entail while making those films so that nobody else gets to watch them but the couple. There have been celebrity weddings we have had to say no to because they’ve tried booking us too late. The process of shooting every wedding is the same but the journey isn’t. I guess every bride or groom is a celebrity on the day of their wedding.

2. You’ve filmed few highly celebrated weddings including the ones of Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma, how was the experience?
Vishal- Virat & Anushka’s wedding was a high ride of emotions, happiness and warmth from all directions. Nothing adds to the celebration like a happy bride and a groom who makes the promise of keeping her that way!

3. Was wedding cinematography is all that you wanted to do?
Vishal– My childhood dream was to work in films. I always wanted to work in movies. I
worked with Shah Rukh Khan from 2000 to 2010, and that’s the only company I’ve ever worked with. Everything I’ve learnt from film or everything about advertising I learnt working there. I started working with Santosh Sivan on his film Asoka. I worked with Farah Khan on her first film. And the beauty of working with directors on their first film is that you get to learn a lot from them. And with all the experience I gained, I decided to start ‘The Wedding Filmer’ ten years later. I was getting married and I really could not afford getting a videographer for my wedding. I decided to shoot it myself with some help from my cinematographer friends. I figured nobody else could shoot it the way I could. And nobody would understand how we felt the way I would.

4. Beside wedding cinematography, you’ve close ties with B-town and recently you’ve directed the song for a highly anticipated movie, were you nervous about it?
Vishal- Shooting a song is so different from shooting a wedding! For starters there are
retakes! But it does help when you are used to run on the gun shooting because you can manage to shoot the whole song in one day! Dealing with a film crew is very different from working with guests at a wedding. The actors made it super easy and it helped that Sonam got married and Dulquer’s wife was around we had lots of love stories and wedding talk floating around the sets when I was there.

5. What measures do you think actors should take to enhance their on-screen chemistry?
Vishal- Getting to know their colleagues and developing a friendship with them always works. All the actors I have worked with are highly acclaimed and very professional which makes my job very easy.

6. There are several wedding cinematography companies in India, you’re an Ace wedding cinematographer, and what qualities do you think you’ve which differentiate between you and the rest?
Vishal- Almost all the companies I know that film and photograph weddings do both.
We specialize in one and don’t divert our attention and talent on photography. I have grown to understand that the two are very different mediums and follow very different processes from planning, to execution to
delivery. What sets us apart is the amazing talented crew we work with, years of experience in film making and weddings which gives us the power of anticipation. And because we were the first to do this and the best, we have learnt from all the mistakes we have made in the past to ensure we don’t
repeat them again. This gives us a leading edge above everyone else.

7. Would you ever like to direct a mainstream movie?
Vishal- It has always been a dream and with each passing day, I am getting closer to making that dream my reality.

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