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Interview: Warina Hussain: Ahead of Loveyatri, it was very struggling journey for me to survive in the industry, I had trust issues! I’m happy that I achieved something really huge!!!

The film whose trailer and songs are hitting the trending section, the actors are being praised and the banner is huge! A film by Salman Khan Films, Loveyatri is on the verge of hitting the screens and the level amongst the audience and actors if massively huge! Meanwhile we had an interactive session with the girl with all the charm, Warina Hussain.

In an interaction with Cinespeaks, Warina reveals…

Q.Your debut film LoveYatri is just a few days away from hitting screens. How nervous or excited are you ahead of its release?
I am super nervous and I am super excited. I have that feeling which you have during your final exams. I am super nervous and excited at the same time. Fortunately the songs have received a massive response which boosts the excitement level. I still can’t believe it’s happening. And October is so close. I’m overwhelmed with the response and right now I’m having that feeling of nervousness and excitement.

Q. How were you approached for the role?
I was auditioning for a couple of films and one day, at 3:00 am in the morning, I was informed that I have to make a selfie video and send it to a casting coordinator. I then got a message from the coordinator that I have to upload my introduction video on Being In Touch App. So, I did that and after a month, I got a call from Mr. Mukesh Chabbra, he was the casting director. I went there and auditioned for my role. After that, I met Aayush Sharma (co-star) and Abhiraj Minawala (director).

Q. Were you aware you were auditioning for LoveYatri, a film to be produced by superstar Salman Khan?
No, I wasn’t because when I got the script, it was blank and had no mention of the production house. Generally, when we get a script, we are told about the production house and the entire details of the project. Though, this one was a blank script. Eventually it was like a bumper offer for me to work under the huge banner of SKF!

Q. How did you feel when you came to know that Salman Khan will be producing and presenting the film?
I still can’t believe it that I am debuting with such a big banner. Everything is there in this movie. This is the perfect debut anybody could have ever wished for. You are getting a chance to work with all the best of people, and obviously, I am still very grateful, and sometimes I feel this is not real. It’s a dream for every aspiring actor to work with such a huge name like Salman Khan, have few interesting songs in the film and get the trailers and songs trending. It’s a great feeling which is hard to digest.

Q. Was acting all you wanted to do at the first place? How did you managed to rope into it?
I have always been a creative person, and since 6 years I’m working as a model. Initially, modelling was just like a source of income to me. Then, beyond the point, I gave way too much time to modelling that when I looked back I realized I had come far enough. But since I had no other qualification for any other profession, this became my professional journey. Then I decided to polish myself as shinier as i could and grow in this field only. After that, I started doing commercials and opted for some acting workshops. And now finally, I’m standing on the verge of meeting me debut!

Q. Were you always interested in Bollywood films since your childhood days?
In Afghanistan, everybody is inspired by Bollywood, they follow Bollywood like anything. My grandfather used to rent a VCR and watch Hindi films and follow the fashion trends from the movies he would see. That love for Bollywood has always stayed along with me. I grew up travelling, so I watched both Hollywood and Bollywood. I have watched Indian television also. I have grown up watching Sonpari and Shararat.

Q. Have you seen any of Salman Khan’s films?
Of course, I have seen them. My mom is a big Salman Khan fan and my mother has made me watch numerous films. I am the only child, so I never had any option but to sit and watch a movie with my mom. Though, my favorite of his is Andaz Apna Apna (1994).

Q. Ahead of signing your debut films, did you struggled to earn your daily bread?
Of course I did. I struggled a lot. It’s always tough, because modelling has always been my bread and butter and profession. Living alone in Bombay is not easy. The biggest struggle in Mumbai is finding a suitable apartment for oneself. Then comes the main part – whom to trust? Which audition to go for? Which meeting to avoid? Whom to meet? There is a lot of that. And every month, you have to make sure how much you saved from the work you did. I am not complaining. I would say I am a self-made person. I am proud of what I have achieved today because I have achieved the best and that doesn’t happen every day.

Q. Do you believe in destiny?
Yes, I am here today just because of destiny and better things will be there in my destiny. No matter how much I say I was modelling, I was doing this, I was doing that, it’s all destiny, it’s all written. There are so many aspiring actors out there who deserve to be a part of this huge industry, but very few of them meet their aspirations.

Q. What are your favorite Hindi films? Whom do you get your inspiration from?
I have a couple of favorite films like Margarita With A Straw (2014), and Gangs Of Wasseypur (2012). I love Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s films because he makes his films with such perfection, and then there is Zoya Akhtar, she is my favorite. Talking about whom I get inspired from, Hindi cinema is an institution in itself. From all the actresses, my favorites are Rekha ji, Sridevi ji. I watch their videos. I watch them dance. I try to learn their expression. So, I always look back upon them for inspiration.

Written by: Aakash Gala

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