With the great opening weekend on box office Uri: The Surgical strike becomes the first hit of the year 2019. Yami Gautam not only feels proud to be a part of this film but also feels proud to be an Indian. The talented and gorgeous actress has tried her hands on different roles and now she has impressed us all over again with her strong character.

Q. You have started 2019 with a very high note with Uri, has the feeling sunk in?
: Not yet, we were expecting it to be received well. Because I knew it’s a good film. Every film, every set has its own energy. We knew it’s gonna be successful but right on day one all the shows are going houseful, was not expected. On the first day, we walked in a theatre and saw the film with them. The response we got from them was unbelievable, they were feeling the emotions and the intensity. The live experience was great.

Q. Mostly in January the movies aren’t so hit in the theatres and in the box office unlike Uri. How do you feel about it?
Oh, I wasn’t aware of it. But feels good to be first in something. I think it’s just a coincidence. It’s a good film so definitely it will work. January was a right time for Uri, I think because January is anyway it’s a more patriotic month because of our republic day and Army day.

Q. What’s the best compliment you have received?
When we had an Army screening, an Army official walked up to me and said ma’am you were absolutely brilliant as an intelligence officer and ask if I had met one and I hadn’t. He then told me, you were very good in your role, that’s how the female officers are in real life. You were strong and consistent and we’re really happy about how Army and the whole mission has been portrayed. Now for me that is a true validation.

Q. Do you think you this film will be game changer for you?
I don’t believe for working in something in which my heart’s not there, it’s very unfair. I’m not saying that every film of me has done well but there must be a reason why I would have signed it so I won’t ever disrespect my decision to sign it. I am hoping there will be more substantial and exciting roles coming up. That’s why I’m very thankful to Aditya to not look at me with a stereotype of doing sweet characters in love stories. I’m glad Aditya saw me beyond that and included me in a very different dimension. So that way I’m hoping that some strong and powerful roles come my way in any genre. I’m not restricted to any genre. I love everything. I’d love to be a part of of rolled which are not replaceable. I want to do full justice to such roles. With every film you prove something, every film is a stepping stone. Because being an actress as an outsider, it’s not easy to get good roles.

Q. Why haven’t you done any masala kind of film?
It’s fine. In Kaabil I was playing a visually impaired girl but I still danced with Hrithik Roshan.

Q. Would you like to work in action films?
I’m a huge fan of Kung Fu films. I love those films.

Q. Any particular genre you want to work in next?
I love every genre. I like comedy, love stories, patriotism, thrillers, horror, something which inspires me. It’s very important to get inspired because if as an actor if I feel it’s easy, I can do this then I’m not pushing myself enough. If I want to achieve something extra then I need to put in the extra efforts. For that I’ve to respect all my stepping stones and stand by it. I want to be a part of really good films and work with good film-makers.

Q. Off late have you watched any film and wishes you had played that role?
Female version of Andhadhun.

Q. Any 90s film you’ll like to star in the remake of?
There are a lot. The first film I watched was Maine Pyaar Kiya, I loved it. I am a huge Madhuri Dixit fans, I used to love dancing on her songs.

Q. Are you a satisfied actor with your performance in Uri?
I did the best I could. My director says it, I believe it. When an Army official says it, I definitely believe it. There could be some films where you watch a film in totally, so there were times when I felt it I could have done it differently. But at that time, it is the vision of the director. You can’t do anything about it, you have to believe in it. But maybe personally when I saw it, I felt it could have been an other way round but that’s fine. Cinema is a director’s vision.

Q. How insecure or secure you are as an actor regarding the competition?
IT depends on how secure and insecure you are as a person. And you are right there is a lot of contemporaries and talent. Everybody is very polished and groomed, when I came I looked bad but that also has it own charm. Imperfection also has its own perfection where you learn on the journey, you make mistakes but later it makes you smile. I don’t feel insecurity as a healthy emotion but its humane. But you have to pull up yourself and tell yourself that you are here for a reason and believe in that reason and go by your gut. If I make my choices by looking around what everybody else is doing then I will never be successful. I did my first film believing this and till date I have worked on this. I really feel that its important to be happy in life, enjoy it and keep a healthy mind because this is an exhausting place, it can consume you. You have to keep your mind under control and you will never make a right decision with insecure mind.

Q. How do you distress yourself?
When my family is in Bombay then party everyday. If not I talk to them and now I am living with my sister. Or I watch a movie or a show that I love and have watched thousands of times like Friends. Anything that makes me happy or I will cook something. Cooking is very therapeutic for me. I am a big foodie.

Q. How do you handle the negativity which comes from social media? Did you get any negative comments regarding your performance in Uri?
There were no negative comments regarding Uri. And the Indian flag’s emoticon is used very rarely but this is the first time when that emoticon is on my speed dial. And also my feed is full of that. There was a fraction before the release of the film that no surgical strike ever happened but after release I have not seen any such comments. Everyone has the right to give their own opinions. But when our Army officials were announcing that such strike took place then I would like to believe him. And I believe that that is the truth that our Indian Army is above any political party or government. If people are asking normal questions then that is okay but if they are asking something with a propaganda then that is not right and it is disgraceful to same something like that for Indian Army.

Q. How are you going to celebrate the success of Uri?
I have no vacation plans, I am just staying here and signing my next. My work is very therapeutic for me, it doesn’t exhaust me. I am very happy while I am working. There will be a party of course. I will like to celebrate it with the team.

Q. What’s next for you?
I have just read few things which are very interesting. Its going to be very different from the space that I have done before. there’s not going to be big gap. The quality of work is also very important. Why I say an ‘outsider’ because when a film does well, you get a broader options as offers. And if your film doesn’t do well then it gets affected and you have to make the best choices out of what you have. So it doesn’t put any fear in me, I will do what my guts say but you just have to put in extra efforts and be extra careful because you know you are the sole person responsible for your own work.

Q. Anyone who guides you while selecting your scripts?
: Technically no but I talk to my mom and dad about it. Vicky Donor is the only film for which I gave them the script to read, rest I always tell them myself.

Q. Were you ever stereotyped?
: I don’t know, I think I must have been. I don’t deny this. When you are trying to make an effort or getting certain kind of roles, people might say she’s not putting any effort and when you put it efforts, they will say oh she’s trying too hard. So where is the balance? You cannot absorb everything that comes your way. I have to really strong enough to also filter some things and not let them affect me because its the human mind, we are also sensitive at the end of the day. Whenever a judgement, opinion or a review is passed, you should put extra effort thought must be put across before we put out something strong or you don’t put anything at all. But to have a generic opinion of something that someone is doing a lot of hard work to do, that’s not fair.

Q. Are you open to web space?
I love watching it for sure. If something comes my way and I feel its very compelling in terms of the content and the maker who is doing it then I wouldn’t mind. let’s see but nothing as of now.

Q. Any comments from the Prime minister regarding the film?
Yeah, Vicky just met him but PM wouldn’t have the time to watch the movie of course. But he has sends us his wishes.

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